Cross Cut Genoa Sail, New, Dacron sailcloth, Haarstick Sailmakers


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Cross Cut Sail. Minimum overall weight, maximum quality, durability, and speed, all purpose
Premium Dacron cloth, Ultra Bonded Load Seams, Reinforced corners.
Telltale Window, insignia, Sail #'s, Telltales (by the window) & Luff side, Sail Bag

24' 7" Luff x 24' 3"Leech x 13' Foot. 46' Rope.


The sail was won at auction a few years ago and we are power boaters so it's time for it to find a new home.I can tell it's never been used, very clean, there are only a few very small rust spots, hardly noticeable. It comes with the original Haarstick sail bag, rope and some hardware; 8 Sweden snap shackles attached to the brass eyes on the sail.

Best Offer accepted! Pick up in Southern Maryland or will ship FREE of charge to you. (And Thanks to Osead for the help! Finally figured out what I have. :-D

Cross cut.jpg Cross cut and tell tale.jpg


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What year is the sail?
I don't know. We've had it for 5 or 6 years, I wish I had more information but I wasn't at the auction when Charlie won it and he doesn't remember being told any details. It's been stored in the sail bag in our storage unit the entire time. I hope it'll fit your boat, it's really a nice sail.