Expired Crew Wanted Annapolis NOOD and J24 North Americans

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CJ Fischer

New Member
Looking for experienced crew for Annapolis NOOD 16-17 and J24 North Americans in Sayville, NY May 29-31.
Chris 631-742-6697. Carpe Diem USA 3215
I'm interested in racing Annapolis NOOD in August and possibly the North Americans. I owned a J24 in Annapolis for the last 30 years and sold it last fall and moved to Charleston,SC. I have experience in every position and I'm willing to travel. Let me know if you still have plans for these regattas this year.
Mike Murray ROO 2532.
Mike Murray, How are things in SC? Just saw this old post. Would you like to come up to Annapolis this spring 2022 and sail in the NOODS . I am looking for a tactician.
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