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So I am selling my Starfish (sunfish clone) sailboat. I have my ad on CL and this guy contacted. Wants me to meet an hour away. Talks a big game of how wealthy he is but makes all sort so excuses as to why he can't pay cash. He has sent me his address, name, phone so on so forth about how trustworthy he is. He also has said he has purchased two lasers and is going to purchase an RS Aero for 7500 I suppose all with checks. Spoke with a family member in law enforcement and they said this guy sounds like a scammer.

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Yep you can block those callers, block the number in your phone. Anyone who has to tell you that they are wealthy isn't.

On the flip side some of our newest fun friends are folks we have met selling through Craigslist or sailingtexas or facebook, ZIP was given to us by a Small Boat Restoration facebook connection. We have sold close to 30 boats on CL and bought quite a few.
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I got the typical: I will send you a money order for triple the price and you send me the excess back. I will have my shipper arrange delivery. Does anyone fall for that one anymore? Is usually the first one within a day.


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Geeze, who falls for this scam anymore. These guys don't have the brain power to come up
with a new scam by themselves. Tell him a Nigerian Prince is about to put 2 million dollars in your
bank account and you'll cut him in on a small part of the deal after the wire transfer is complete.
A Sunfish would not do him much good as these type of guys live a life that cycles through the
court/prison system on a regular basis.

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What?!? No sailing in jail?!? :eek: LOL.

A wealthy guy who can't pay cash... some sort of oxymoron here, or maybe just a plain moron, LOL. :rolleyes:

They don't call 'em Craigslist Flakes for nothin'... whenever I sell something on C/L, I delete about half a dozen bogus scam e-mails for every legitimate reply. :cool:


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I've have good luck buying and selling Sunfish using C/L—once one has learned which responses to ignore. :)

Thinking about it some more, 'good luck with 'most everything I've been selling. (Which is a LOT!) :cool:


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Yeah, that's the trick, weeding out the scammers & C/L Flakes and responding to the legitimate replies. I've been selling some stuff on C/L lately, don't do it all the time, I'm just unloading some furniture and whatnot I don't need. Gonna travel relatively light this time, just taking the good stuff to the coast and letting go of stuff that is no longer needed or has seen its day. Besides, I gotta make room aboard the rental truck for the 8' pool table, LOL. :rolleyes: