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Cradle for Sunfish


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Price $
Camp hill
FREE. I built this cradle out of pressure treated wood and made rollers for it. It was used at a lake in summer and on a rack off season. The boat gunnel sits on the hoops, the boat bottom stays in the air. Probably $100 worth of material. I’m moving and want it to go to a good home. It’s in Camp Hill, Pa. I easily transported it on my Thule racks. Ewagman@verizon.net


Alan S. Glos

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Very nice. I am sure you will find a good home for it.

Here are photos of a pressure treated beach/storage cradle I built a few weeks ago for a friend who sails a Sunfish off her rocky beach. It is an easy build and with the keel roller, it is easy to get the boat on and off the padded bunks. It is a copy of a cradle I built in 1985 that is still going strong.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY



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Hi! I live in Hagerstown. If you still have this and would help me lift it up onto my car roof, I would be interested in using your cradle.


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I will be here until Tuesday 3pm or so, then back Friday. If you want to pick up another time, I won't be here to help, but it is outside and available. Send contact info for my address, I'm not posting that here.

Cactus Cowboy

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Good on ya, OP, for going to the trouble of posting that rack or cradle... :D

Moi, I ALWAYS rehome or repurpose something useful, even if I'm donating it... just makes sense. :rolleyes:

Right now, I'm rehoming some cold beer from its container to my belly as I take a break on the touch-up painting in my home... ;)

Guess I'll pound one more and then get the painting done, don't wanna be all day on it, though I've made good progress... :cool: