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Cradle for Sunfish


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Camp hill
FREE. I built this cradle out of pressure treated wood and made rollers for it. It was used at a lake in summer and on a rack off season. The boat gunnel sits on the hoops, the boat bottom stays in the air. Probably $100 worth of material. I’m moving and want it to go to a good home. It’s in Camp Hill, Pa. I easily transported it on my Thule racks. Ewagman@verizon.net



I will be here until Tuesday 3pm or so, then back Friday. If you want to pick up another time, I won't be here to help, but it is outside and available. Send contact info for my address, I'm not posting that here.

Cactus Cowboy

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Good on ya, OP, for going to the trouble of posting that rack or cradle... :D

Moi, I ALWAYS rehome or repurpose something useful, even if I'm donating it... just makes sense. :rolleyes:

Right now, I'm rehoming some cold beer from its container to my belly as I take a break on the touch-up painting in my home... ;)

Guess I'll pound one more and then get the painting done, don't wanna be all day on it, though I've made good progress... :cool:


I want to note that the pictures posted by Alan Glos do no depict the storage cradle I am giving away. Please note that only the photos in my original post depict the cradle available. My apologies to dsoc who drove up from Maryland in error. Perhaps Alan Glos can delete his pictures.


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The cradle is a good frame. It has handle to lift the entire cradle and boat. Good rollers. Very nice for roll up off the water.


Thanks. I do appreciate your input, but sorry it caused confusion and wasted driving time for the guy who drove to PA thinking he was picking up your cradle.