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I just wanted to share my new cover that I bought from Slo Sail and Canvas. I asked a lot of questions and they were very helpful with helping me pick the right one. It's made of Sunbrella which is pricey but got a nice discount on a factory second because of a flaw which I can't seem to find. Anyway, I recommend them if you're shopping around. Up



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Might throw a piece of PVC pipe under there to keep it tented to drain and stay dry. Sun relax is excellent stuff. You can get water shedding treatments to help extend the life. Water beads and falls off like Rainex on glass.

Looks nice

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It looks like they have the mast under the cover, which will act as a ridgepole once they add tiedowns and snug the cover.

We like the "spars on deck cover" for that reason, it is cut a little fuller forward of the coaming, but usually only leave the mast, rudder and daggerboard underneath. We don't keep the sail under the cover for extended periods because mildew could form.

We also pay a little extra to get the nylon straps and buckles.

We've been through a few variations. On the nearest cover without the straps, we used 1/8th inch diameter cord, but I think a little thicker cord would be easier to handle after a crusty day on the water.

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