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Cover Recommendation (in/from Uk)


Can anybody recommend a decent cover available in the UK. My original one has finally died and ...

Lasers now only make one at £194 !!! (and none in stock for the foreseeable future anyway)
Laser old grey ones seem unavailable and no longer made (and people say they didn't last - though mine lasted 6 years).
Rooster's (horrible colour) only on e-bay (and is a altered version of one manufacturer made too short!)

And, in the past (for other boats) I have got some really rubbish covers purchased sight unseen (one was even a sheet of black plastic with eyelets in !!).

Also, is it worth going for breathable fabric ? Some people selling non-breathable say not worth getting breathable for fibreglass boats. Others selling breathable say its important even for fibreglass. And I'm afraid I've had a bad historical experience with Banks so tend to avoid them these days.

Many thanks


the non-breathable covers trap moisture which isn't such a great thing for the hulls,

I've bought 2 new covers from 49208, one because my original laser cover got absolutely shredded in a storm and the second because I bought a second laser, one is about 2 years old or so and one is a year old, couldn't be happier, much better quality than the retail versions


The best covers come from sail-register. A UK based company which sell different types of laser cover for instance you can get hold of the all singing all dancing fully breathable pvc cover or just a normal over cover. They are all very good prices. You can buy from their website:

Plus with sail register, if you are unsure of which type of cover to get, you can just give them a ring and they will help you decide based on where its stored, how often you use it etc.


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I have a non-breathable on my boat which works fine as long as you have your spars on spar carriers so the cover is up off the deck and air can circulate underneath it.

With regards to recommending a UK cover maker our club boats have Rain and Sun covers on them which were pretty reasonable price wise and they are a good fit. P&B also do covers but these are very similar to the old Laser grey covers IIRC.

You could also try Cygnus Sails (in Kettering). I am pretty sure they do covers. I have one of their ultra grippy toe straps which looks good and is very well put together (has been on the boat for 2 years and shows no sign of wear, it looks new despite a fair bit of (ab) use from me).

Matt B

neil pryde makes the best boat covers including laser covers but they are rarer than rocking horse poo you practicaly have to be the reps mate to get hold of one the only place i have ever seen one was the one in the reps van and we have an opi cover hung up in the shop but i have a quick covers one on my boat and its fine not causing me any problems not sure if its breathable or not but i leave my cocpit drain bung open anyway to allow airflow under the cover.
OH and if you can actually buy something from laser dont they have p!22£d too many people off since the takeover by the US. chandlerys dont get any discount from them anymore and they are all laser parts stockists now not dealers anymore and they have closed the laser centre in scotland despite there being a far higher concentration of lasers in this country than in ametica so try to buy from your local chandlery because they can buy a lot of the genuine parts from other places and if nobody buys from laser they are going to have to do something like re intraduce the discounts so that the chandelreys can actualy make a profit on the parts rather than a loss. btw the laser centre is understocked because there are certain chandelerys that wipe out there stock at the begining of the year and this year its going to be worse apparantley because of the olympics.