Court ruling threatens all U.S. sailors


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Here an announcement from US Sailing. Yes, they do do something for us. The ruling includes Lasers. If recreational boats don't get the exemption, then you will have to buy a permit for each boat that you own. Contact your Senators!

Court Ruling Poses Threat to Sailors:
Sailors need to act NOW to avoid
pending permit requirements

Over 18 million recreational boats – including yours – could soon be required to comply with a new permit system if Congress does not pass the Clean Boating Act of 2008 before September 30th. Due to a 2006 U.S. District Court decision, the federal Environmental Protection Agency is required to design and implement a discharge permit system for every vessel in the country before September 30, 2008. Current federal legislation, Senate Bill #2766 and House Bill #5949 "The Clean Boating Act" would reinstate a 35-year permit exemption for recreational boats.

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Rob B

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Is US Sailing going to do something about this or just inform the sailors and expect us to do the work? I'm not picking a fight, but playing devil's advocate. I'm still trying to see where/what US Sailing does.

In my little world only 3 things exist in the administrative branch of sailing. ILCA, my local club and our regional SAYRA group. Having been involved with the 3 groups mentioned above for several years I have never seen or heard word 1 from US Sailing or their influences other than them trying to give my dad an expensive new blue blazer that says JUDGE across the back. Can you imagine putting around on the water all day in 90 degree, humid weather in the south sporting a blue blazer??? Ya, those guys are thinking hard at US Ailing. OK. Rant over.


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My reply to Rob B on US Sailing. :

Contact your senator if you don't want to buy a license for each of your boats, and don't expect US Sailing to save you, no matter how much they may try. They aren't very big, as organizations go, with a budget of only a few millions. Remember, most people don't care squat about sailing, as shown by the lack of TV coverage, and we must take care of ourselves.