Coumadin/DeepVeinThrombosis/ hiking

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I recently had blood clots in my lungs from Deep vein thrombosis. My doctor does not want me sailing the laser because of the compression on the legs when hiking, I use hiking pants. He says the clots came from sitting in the car too long driving to Florida. I now take coumadin.
I am 65 in weight 180 and in pretty good shape

If any doctor who sails a laser and understands the problem please send me an email to to confirm if you believe his suggestion is correct.


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Re: Coumadin/DeepVeinThrombosis/hiking

I doubt that any American MD will offer advice over the internet without having seen you.

Most activities we engage in have some associated risk. People even die in their sleep and I have heard of several people getting a heart attack while sailing their favorite dinghy.

If I were you, I would read as much as I could about DVT (reliable sources only) and decide if the risk is worth it. You may consider the fact that an upwind leg in a Laser race seldom takes more than half an hour. Quite different from sitting in a car or airplane for many hours without moving around.

Just my opinion, of course.