cost of a laser

Laser sails are very very expensive!! So are the hulls and spars and every part of a laser!
I live in Portugal and my radial sail that i bought new 2 months ago was priced at 660euros, plus taxes and the sail numbers and i ended up paying around 760euros...
In comparison a 420 north sails costs about 1200euros and there are 3 sails, made of much better sailcloth and that last great for racing for at least two years!! Also for the 420 toni tio quantum sails cost around 1100euros.. that's just another example...
A laser hull is really expensive, my 420 new with trailer, covers, dolly, two sets of sails, and everything else cost me 10.000euros compared to my laser wich cost me 6000euros plus covers, dolly and another spare sail, and i don't have a road trailer for the laser... So i ended up paying as much for the laser as i did for the 420 wich is a much more complete boat, much better constructed and has design costs for the company, etc...
So i'll continue to say that lasers are way to expensive!!!! and unfortunely they are the only option we have to race a one design class... that is why the laser company can charge so much for this stuff and still be able to sell them!!
To be honest, the 420s arn't better constructed =P
Not as much the laser beeing expencive as the 420 beeing cheap if it's both new boats.
If you could charge what you want to a boat and people would keep buying them, wouldnt you? I mean, should vanguard be some sort of altruistic 'for the good of the class' kind of organization that serves their employees free lunch...

I mean... you can really blame congress for being irresponsible for 600 billion dollars when the fact is that anyone withat that much money would Likely do the same.
i don't know what brand are the 420 that u sail in... but i can assure that mine is way better constructed than a laser is!
And the question here isn't if laser may or may not charge what they want... the real question is if a laser is too expensive for the boat it is, and the answer is yes!!
What new boat isn't too expensive for what it is :D

For comparion's sake, in the US, a new Club 420 is about $6500 (Laser is ~ $5000)

IMHO, that is not a better deal compared to a Laser...

FWIW, even if builders move their production into countries where the labor rate is extremely low compared to their current rates, that is no guarentee that the reduced costs get passed on to the end user..
bguez91 said:
try STANDARD Bytes, It's the same thing than a laser but smaler and a bit smaler than a radial but bigger than a 4.7 and you can buy one for 2500$.

For a new boat ? That can't be US dollars - West Coast Sailing has it listed for $4895 (not sure if that is the CII) and APS lists the CII model over $6500 and The Dinghy Shop shows a price of 4700 for the orignal model...

Pretty easy to find a Byte regatta to sail in too :D

I will give PS credit though, the CII rig is a step into the future. One can only dream that the Laser would follow suit (carbon spars, fat head main from modern sail cloth)
Im selling my 1999 Byte for 2500$CAN so for 2800$US with 3sails etc....The byte is a great boat but im to heavyfor it now. A 1999 Radial cost min.4000$ AT Cork they were 70Bytes!!!! but only 24CII. And CII are weak and boring...
I just have a question what is the maximum weight for a radial sailer. I weight 145lb, next summer I would be..... 160lbs. Is that to heavy for the Radial? It's for racing.
thanks bye