CORRECtION!! Take a New Person Sailing Week


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I am so very sorry. Take a New Person Sailing Week actually begins Saturday August 26 and extends through Sunday September 3.

The original emails announcing the post were sent from the TNPSW Headquarters which is on the other side of the International Date Line. There were announcement emails and clarification requests and additional announcements made. By the time the final announcement of the event was made the organizers and those of us who are supporting and promoting TNPSW in North America had accidentally moved the date of the event by well over a week.

Our apologies if you accidentally took someone sailing last week. We sincerely hope the new sailor understands that he / she may have to amend the actual date of his / her first sail in any subsequently written life stories.

We also apologize for any excessive euphoria that was caused by our mistake.

Austin assistant press secretary for the under secretary of Austin Area promotion of TWPSW in the Milky Way.

On another note>> Is there some sort of a fix going on?? How come the Miss Universe finalists are always from Earth?