Correct forestay length?

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What is the correct, or best, forestay length for a Capri 14.2 with fixed forestay? I'm hoping to do some club racing next spring and am looking for optimum performance.

I've read much on this forum, and elsewhere on the web. But I've seen so many values, I am not confident which is correct.

I've found two old owner's manuals on line. One says 15' 2-1/4". The other says 15' 3-1/4". Not sure of the date of either manual. My boat (#802) that I recently purchased did not come with its own manual.

Quantum tuning guide says 15' 3-1/4", in accordance with 'class rules'. North tuning guide says 15' 3-3/4", in accordance with 'class rules'. Clearly only one of these can be correct, but I can't seem to find a copy of 'class rules' online to verify myself.

Handbook from the National Association says both, 15' 3-1/4" on Drawing 4 on page 15, and 15' 2-1/4" in the table on page 18.

A post on this forum quotes someone from Catalina named Kent as saying new forestays are 15' 7".

My existing one is 15' 2-1/4".

Can anyone confirm with confidence what the correct answer is?

Unfortunately I don't have the answer, but the exact same questions regarding mast rake and forstay length. I went through all the resources you mention and came up with the same confusion...

And to add to the confusion, where does the forestay chainplate come into the equation?