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Hi all,

Complete newbie here coming to sailing later in life.

I got lots of questions, some probably quite stupid, some less so, but apparently there's no such thing as a stupid question except the one unasked...
I'm north west UK based and looking to get out on a sail boat for a half day to a day before the weather really turns.
I'm also looking to complete my day skipper theory before Christmas lands, with the intention of completing day skipper practical very early in the new year, although theres no saying that the latter is going to happen in UK waters...

I'm also looking around for my first boat, starting looking now as by the time I have my DS Im hoping to have a good feel for the market and boats, so there will no doubt be lots of daft questions around boats, options etc.

If there's anyone locally who doesn't mind a coffee/beer and 20 questions, im also looking to absorb as much common sense and learning second hand as is possible.



Upside down?
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I suggest you find one or more sailing clubs in your area and go over there and ask questions. Most sailors are a friendly lot and won't bite.
This will give you a chance to look at boats that are popular and find out if there are second hand ones.
Fall and winter aren't the best time to do this, but hopefully you can find some hard core sailors to get you started.

PS: This forum doesn't have many participants from the UK, but I hope that my suggestions from the other side of the Atlantic have some merit.
PS#2: There are many on this site (Sailing Forums) that have come to sailing later in life.


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Courses are a good way to learn and meet people so I think your on to a good thing with the Day Skipper plans.
I took my theory online with Ardent Training. It really got me excited for the practical even though it was cold and wet outside.