Complete Laser - all 3 rigs #164312

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Complete Laser with all three rigs, Full, Radial, 4.7, 2 top sections
Hull is white and blue
Always dry and still stiff
Upgraded new style control for vang, outhaul and cunningham - 1 year old
Seitech dolly - 1 year old
Price $3200 with everything
$2800 with out the 4.7 rig and sail
David, I am from Panama City, FL. I am just starting to look for a clean Laser to race in Grand Masters Division. Could you tell me the year of the boat, condition of sails, and whether or not the mast step needs to be rebuilt. Are there any rudder bags/keel bags included? And last, how do you go about getting your boat back and forth to races? I am interested, and any information you can give me would be appreciated. Kevin
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Full rig 1998 #164312 $2200

New lower asking price. The boat is a 1998.

Complete boat w/ full rig $2200

plus radial rig $2500

plus 4.7 rig $2900

I will sell rigs (lower mast section and sail) seperate from the boat after the boat sells.
Is the full size sail original? Does the bottom have any scratches at all? Has there ever been any damage to the hull? Has the hull been out in the FLA sun and is now faded? How bad is the corrosion on the spars everywhere there is a stainless rivet?
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