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For Sale complete boat in Seattle $750


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An early one that’s been around but ready to go. Elvstrom rig, older sails incl spinnaker. On a trailer and dolly but I want to keep the trailer- can be used to move the boat. Has some brown staining to hull and a small repair. Has spinnaker pole and gear for trapeeze.68EAC810-1349-4A36-BF8D-59C51E4DB2BC.jpegE0B886C1-E568-43B0-9085-B1ED7F03BD49.jpeg00ED07F2-E58C-4237-807B-44A276EB84FA.jpeg5B673251-8770-4116-9F81-AA04BE3E38E7.jpeg8EC457CB-643D-43C0-AF80-F43EB315F221.jpegAFAB7D12-21A9-4958-8121-D81C64C039EE.jpeg3261387B-6073-4B8C-9644-4F6E9041733F.jpeg34727917-AABE-4F7E-9BEF-6BD35F4261B3.jpeg


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I do not currently own a boat, but am interested in taking a look at this one. I am currently out of the country on business, but will return to my home in Seattle on Fri 17 May. Would you be available on the 18-19 May?


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Thanks for your reply. I returned from my trip yesterday. I live in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of Seattle and my mobile number is 206.437.0301. Where are you located and please let me know what time on Sat or Sun works for you? Also, if you could send me your mobile no. so we can finalize a time. Thanks, Keenan