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Complete 470, ready to sail


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Clean boat in good condition, well maintained, and sailed by current owner since 2007. All hardware, and rigging lines are present and working, boat is ready to sail. Upgrades include self-locking jib and spinnaker cleats. Last sailed: November 2017, Chesapeake Bay.


  1. Hull, original Vanguard 1974, hull number VNG01170M74L, Pennsylvania Title

  2. Aluminum mast, boom and spreaders

  3. Standing rigging: steel wires

  4. Halyards: steel wires and nylon (50/50)

  5. Racing main, like new

  6. Practice main, condition good

  7. Jib, condition fair

  8. Spinnaker, condition good

  9. Main, jib and spinnaker sheets

  10. Boom vang

  11. Ruder + tiller with carbon extension

  12. Spinnaker boom

  13. Paddle

  14. Two adult life jackets

  15. Trailer: updated springs and axle, under boat platform for extra equipment, spare tire, Pennsylvania Title

  16. Boat cover