Compass and mounting

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I am thinking of adding a compass to my boat (which has the updated rigging) and was wondering if there is any general preference in:
1) Brand of compass
2) Deck mounting bracket, layline vs. Annapolis Performance Sailing

Thanks ahead of time.

I have never seen a compass on a laser which isn't the "good old" Silva 103R. THis is what most of the brackets will be designed for and it can be easily modified to fit the new lines through.

I recently bought a nexus 103 double tactical compass from aps. I like the compass alot, and can deffinetly tell a improvment in my scores. I like the double tactical scale alot, because it has 36 numers on the disk which makes gives a more precise reading than the single tactical scale, and from what I hear it is only $100 at layline right now. However, the single tactical scale works just as well, and is $10 less. I would also suggest the deck plate from aps, as it has worked very well for me.
Silva 103R

The Silva 103R is the laser compass.
The single tactical scale is preferred by many compared to the double for a few reasons that are specific to lasering, including the fact that the laser's actual real-time heading will be always changing so the single scale offers a more helpful guide.
Brackets are available for both the old lines and new rigging deck plates or you can make your own very easily.