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So I bought a 79 boat and the way it came was a fiberglass slider forward, with a wooden piece aft. If I slide them as forward as I can, I can barely slide into the cabin. The wooden piece just sits on the edges so I have taken it out when sailing and placed it inside the cabin.

A. Is this the right way to operate this system?

B. I see that the newer boats have two “plastic” pieces where the aft piece seems to slide under the other. I asked Waterline about these pieces and they said they would not fit my boat because the cabin size was changed. Anyone have any suggestions of improvements?

Picture enclosed




Answer to A: It appears the previous owner (or someone before you) broke the original hatch piece that is supposed to slide under the big piece, and they just cut and affixed a piece of wood. The piece of wood is not a normal hatch piece.

Response to B: I hope someone on this forum responds to how, where to buy and install a new hatch system you are describing. I would like to do it myself and cannot seem to find the right video, instructions or do-it-yourself thread. Not too sure if it can be done due to the rails for the original hatch.


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By now you realize that you're just missing the aft section of the original sliding hatch. See the photo attached. It's possible to convert to the newer style, called a 'sea hood', but I personally don't think it's worth the trouble. You can do a few things to improve the operation and strengthen the original hatches and they are absolutely functional. Installing the 'sea hood' is a big deal. Somebody needs to be good at modifying/ building fiberglass structures. IMG_20180906_154538807.jpgOne of the participants here 'parting-out' an early boat should be able to supply you with the part.