cockpit glued to the bottom?

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hello guys,
the cockpit floor of my 1982 lady is spongy. if i press it down in the middle it sponges down about 1cm until it stops, when it bounces against the bottom of the hull. my question is was the cockpit originally glued to the inner hull below the cockpit floor? or does it hang only in the deck? i will inject the floor soon with epoxy to make it hard again. hope that will be enough to avoid further scratches.
regards, micha
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so means i should simply drill some holes and press epoxy in, put some weights on it until epoxy has hardened and the bottom stays down. regards, michael

Rob B

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Maybe. For some reason I want to say there were a couple of cockpit support stringers between the hull and cockpit? Can anyone else jump in on this and confirm or deny?