Coastal/ Gulf sailing on a 14.2


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My extended family is booking a trip to Gulf Shores, AL next summer (2022) to hopefully celebrate being out of this pandemic. I am considering driving from my location in the mid-west with my Catalina 14.2 in tow. I know there is a large bay there, but I also see a Little Lagoon with a boat dock. I couldn’t find anything in the search on the forums. Anyone have any experience sailing in these waters? Would it be worth the trouble to haul the 700 miles? Any words of advice or caution? Any known good docks or ramps in the area that support the small boats like ours? Thanks.
From Chicago but I've been going to the SE Louisiana area since the early 80's for visits. Weather's about the same as in Gulf Shores. I've been there a few times also and it's beautiful. One thing I can say about the summers down there is they are HOT and HUMID! Also tend to be rather windless unless you get treated to the frequent tropical storms or worse!
So even in Chi town we get some of those types of less than ideal days for sailing, then I put up my boom canopy (which shades the entire cockpit) and use my little trolling motor to a comfortable anchorage. Got a nice little 8 lb mushroom which does the trick. Then I just hang out, swim, nap, and relax!
As for trailering Capri, it's an easy pull. Just be sure your bearings and electrical are all up to snuff. It would be ideal to have a taut cover over the cockpit to eliminate the wind drag (similar to what happens with a pickup truck).
So there's my 2 cents, have a great trip!


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