Clothing/ Gear recommendations?

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I am wondering what everyone uses for sailing gear. Keep in mind the balmy PNW has waters that fluctuate between 45F and 50F, so keep in mind that I like warmer gear. I am interested in trousers and a spray top specifically.
PNW Clothing

A kayak paddler spay top and pants with fleece or some other synthetic base layer works well for keeping me warm and dry as long as I don't go swimming. You can add some neoprene booties if your feet get cold.
I love polartec fleece clothing for cooler temps , stays warm wet and dries quickly . I have pullovers, pants, socks and gloves and a hats made from the stuff. When its really cold I have neoprene waterski gloves and booties ( use polypro socks under them to keep your feet from sweating )

When its warmer, I use a long sleeve synthetic top , just to keep the sun off me . and a Hat !

and of course a PFD , Neoprene versions can be very warm .