Cleats for dock slip mooring

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I'll need to tie my new-to-me C14 up at my dock at Huntington Lake this summer. I'm open to suggestions for cleat placement, number, and type; as well as thoughts on hull protection, like dock edge bumpers, fenders, etc.

Some info might help:
Huntington Lake gets some pretty good wind and ski boat waves, so I'm thinking of two cleats per side (will they interfere with hiking?) and perhaps rubber snubbers on the dock lines to apply tension to both sides. We'll talk about the return approach later; it will be tricky (for me) since it will be a beam approach (not a problem) and a quick turn downwind (my problem!) to enter the slip -- fortunately the dock lies in a somewhat wind-protected cove. Oh yes: I don't have a motor and really don't want one.

The top of the floating dock is about 15-18 inches above the water; my slip is the normal "slot" type with the slip rectangle being roughly 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. FYI, a C22 fits easily. There are 4 existing cleats on the dock and a bow ring, but none on my boat, except for the bow ring (for trailering).

I'd like to put my two Ocean Prowler 13 kayaks (13 ft by 28" beam) in the slip too, but I'm thinking that it will be too crowded, although there may be a way to store them on top of the C14.

Whew! So, if you've read this far and have some suggestions on hardware and placement or any other thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Thanks guys and gals.

-- Ed
I have wondered this myself. It seems pretty tight at the top of the gunwale near the stern. Is it possible to mount a pop-up type cleat in that narrow of a space? Has anyone done this? I would want to put one on each side as far back as possible.
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I'll post a picture I found in one of the threads here. I'm leary of the cleats amidship -- it looks like an invitation to ripped pants.

I was thinking about those pop-up ones too; I did run across a very smooth, low-form cleat in a Google search that wouldn't be too uncomfortable to meet via a rear end.

At least with my Mod 3 C14, the stern cleat could be a ring fastened in the traveler hole, which could be made to do double duty. Anyone have an idea how this might work?

-- Ed

I have wondered this myself. It seems pretty tight at the top of the gunwale near the stern. Is it possible to mount a pop-up type cleat in that narrow of a space? Has anyone done this? I would want to put one on each side as far back as possible.


I don't put our C-14 in a slip but we keep a 90HP runabout in a slip, so I do have a little experience.

I definitely don't like the cleats on the C-14 in the picture. The ones up front will be fouling the jib sheets unless they can disappear into the deck. And sometimes it's easier to stay afoot on a smooth deck than to litter it with items you might trip over and end up in the water.

The transom on my mod 2 is hollow so attaching a cleat to the top (gunwale) would be pretty weak and likely foul the mainsheet. Through bolting cleats to the stern would keep them out of the way but I'm thinking it's overkill. Our runabout weighs six times the C-14 and it has one cleat at the bow and two near the stern. Not only is our cove not sheltered but there are tides to deal with and we manage pretty easily.

If this were my boat, the first thing I would do is follow the mainsheet/traveler recommendations in the Quantum tuning guide. This would leave you a loop (thimbled?) in the center of the traveler. Then I would run four lines from the dock cleats to the boat, ending in good quality snaps. (About $6 each at Lowes.) Two would snap to the loop in the traveler and two would snap to the towing eye. You have to remember, relatively speaking, the C-14 is really a lightweight and doesn't need lots of restraint.

At least that's what I think. :)
Dock Tie

I agree with Jim. Connect aft to the traveler and forward to the tow ring or if you don't have one, use the point up front where you normally place a bow line. Then, I think I'd use good bumpers attached to the shroud "chain plate" or to where the jib sheet is cleated, and another back at the traveler. RK
I'll make it a third nay to those cleats on the topsides , they are just asking for hang-ups. Pop up cleats could work, some are harder to install than others ( especially aft ) and they are $$$ . They will make it easier to hang fenders if you choose so.

If you run lines to your bow eye , run a snubber , those boat wakes will try and shake it loose. You should have no problem storing the kayaks on top of your boat . Your dock rules won't let you keep them on the deck?

Hope to see you on the water this summer.

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Thanks to all!

Here's my current plan which has until mid-May to be changed around since that's usually the date when the road around our Lake gets snow/ice free.

My slip has four fixed horn cleats, two fore and two aft. I can tie two lines to the forward cleats using the bow eye and pull then taut, snap hooks at the bow eye and normal cleating at the the forward dock cleats. Two lines aft, snap hooks at the thimbled loop on the traveler, cleated to the aft dock cleats. This may change since I'm still thinking that the traveler holes could be used to attach a ring at the deck level both sides. Then the traveler line could snap to those, and the mooring line could be snapped to the same rings just before heading in.

There's no tide consideration since it is a floating dock.

No fender necessary except perhaps while docking. Also, no boat cleats needed so I don't have to contend with fouling lines or ripping clothes and/or flesh.

Thanks and keep those suggestion coming -- May is pretty far off.

Rob: There's no dock rules against storing kayaks on the dock, but they don't do it on the three Dowville docks. Maybe I can start a tradition! I hope we can get together; I'd love to crew with you. -- Ed
Sounds like a good idea , This could facilitate an adjustable traveller ( I know, "Against the rules" , but for us "fun" sailors... ) Not sure of how much room there is under the edge for a nut and washer , worth a look. You could also splice/knot some loops near the ends of the traveller too.

When I dock at the ramp I just run a line through my jib fairlead & cleat.

The breeze usually returns to Millerton in February , so get ready !