Cleaning out North sail inventory in garage

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Looking for some practice sails?

I have older 2 mains (one does not have battens), storm jib (looks almost new), standard jib, spinnaker and Dacron Genoa. They all have a J/24 stamp on them and in good shape (windows are clean and not creased and no tears). I cannot comment on sail shape because it has been a long time since I flew any of these on my boat and as mentioned I have retired these sails to my garage.

I am asking:
$350 for both mains (have one sausage bag)
$150.00 for the Dacron Genoa
$150 for the Storm jib (with bag)
$100 for the spinnaker (with bag)

Sails are all build by North Sails.

Plus shipping figure around $60.00+ with post office.

I also have an tapered halyard ($75)
Almost new red/green jib sheets ($60.00)

Thanks for looking!
If you are looking for good cruising sails, these will be perfect. If you want to be a the top of the fleet, call Travis Odenbach @ Quantum.
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Do either of your mains have reef points built in? Also, the storm jib, is this an actual storm jib or is it the standard 100? I may be interested in all of these. Thanks.