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I've had my Capri docked all summer in a fresh water lake. The hull has considerable algae on it and I would like recommendations on the best way to clean it after I pull it out and trailer it home before storing it for the winter.
Make sure that you clean it as soon as you take the boat out of the water.DO NOT let the alge dry on the hull. My dad and I did that years ago. We figured we would trailer the boat home and then clean it. The stuff dried like concrete and it had to be scraped off. If you have a pressure washer that will remove the wet alge fine. If not soap and water and lots of elbow grease will also do it.

Good Luck
Roger L
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rjsailnsd said:
Hopefully you have a barrier coat painted on the bottom of the hull to protect the fiberglass from posible blisters from sitting in the water for long periods of time.
Your message was prophetic but alas too late. After removing the uncoated boat from the water and pressure washing and scrubbing off algae and scum buildup a large number of small blisters were observed on the hull. After reading numerous internet articles on blistering (causes, repair options etc.), I’m left with the following dilemma:
To prepare for next season's sailing I now understand the importance of having an epoxy based barrier coat and anti-fouling paint on the hull before placing the boat back at its dock.
My question is must I drain & repair each and every blister before applying an epoxy based barrier coat on the hull or can I leave them alone and just coat over the bumps? I sail recreationally and do not race. Looking for advice from those who have experienced similar problems since I understand blistering is not uncommon.
Look on the good side

It's only a 14 foot boat. Fix it right. It's not going to be that big of a job. You can even turn it upside down to do the work.

While you're doing it think of what it's like on a 40 footer with a full keel and 6 foot draft. Now THAT'S a big job!

Steve B.