Classic Laser, Raceable, For Sale In Me/deliverable Between Me & Va

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The time as come for me to upgrade to a boat that is less than almost twice my age. I'm ready to pass on my orange hull, #38776, to the next generation of laser sailor. The boat is soft, and not nationally competitive in waves larger than ~1ft or so; however in flat water it's still as fast as any and has won multiple frostbiting/local events. Two inspection ports are installed, and the mast step has been reinforced and is now essentially bulletproof. The hull does not leak.
Rigging wise, the boat has the new vang/cunno upgrades as well as an 8:1 outhaul system I set up using a rope trick to add an extra cascade (setup is class legal). I have complete setups for both radial & standard rigs- standard sail is a non-class-legal sail, 8 months old and only used lightly. I have 3 class-legal radial sails- 1 blown out, 1 with 2 racing seasons on it (still fast), and one with ~3 regattas on it.
extras: worn out top cover, blade bag (I have original wood blades- still use the rudder- CB is asymmetric & slow so added a newer foam version for racing), cover bag w/extra lines.
Price: negotiable. 1250 OBO. open to including radial or standard or both setups, with/without dolly.

I have raced the boat both locally and at several regional & national events over the last 6 years I've owned it. It was my first boat, and has been cared for well. 2 owners prior to me, sat on a beach & sailed by grandkids. this is the perfect boat for someone (adult or teen) who wants to get into laser racing, or racing in general, inexpensively. This boat will not win an atlantic coast championships, but it will serve as a useful learning platform for someone to learn to become regionally competitive, or a great first boat for an enthusiastic teen who's parents aren't ready to trust the younger's sailing skills with a $5,000 boat (like myself & my parents when I bought it!)
Please help me find a new loving home for 38776!

*Update: I sailed the boat in 30kts last week. no leaks, nothing broken, no stress cracks.


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