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Saw some more craft for sale on Dago C/L, hope Winston29 didn't pay as much for his trimaran yak... :confused:

Hobie Island Tandem and Trailer - boats - by owner - marine sale

Of course, that's a tandem, which boosts its value. Here's a boat which I would lump into the 'unaffordable, with ugly lines, yet supremely comfortable' class, LOL. The woodwork is awesome though... like Internet porn for woodworkers, LOL. Nothing wrong with woodwork and brightwork done by Asiatics, especially when they use exotic woods like teak & Philippine mahogany. Check out this woodwork... :rolleyes:

Aft Cabin Fly Bridge Motor Yacht. Must see pics! Excellent...

And for an asking price of $196K, it damned well BETTER be an "excellent liveaboard" (LOL). Here's another Taiwanese special... ;)

41' Formosa Ketch Upgraded Blue Water Cruiser Newer Yanmar - boats -...

Brightwork needs work on that ketch, but still, the quality is there... for comparison, here's an American "woodie" with woodwork and brightwork somewhat less appealing. Also, with these wooden hulls, extra care & maintenance are required... some yachtsmen consider "woodie" ownership as a status symbol, like saying, "My wallet is FAT enough for me to afford it!!!" :eek:

1971 42' Grand Banks Classic Woodie - boats - by owner - marine sale

Nice list under that last heading, I reckon it'll offset the price a little bit, LOL. Hey, on an entirely different topic, I watched a really cool movie-length documentary titled 'UNBRANDED' through my Roku Streaming Stick, you can find this program on the 'Documentary' line. Four friends ride barely-broken mustangs from Arizona (Mexican border) straight up through parts of Utah & Wyoming to Montana, and ultimately the Canadian line... AWESOME SCENERY in this show, like the Old West!!! And the horses are bad@ss, like full-on offroad horses, LOL. The show also helped focus attention on the wild mustang herds of the American West, as management of these herds can be difficult. Beautiful creatures though, that myth about mustangs being scrubs or whatever is total bull$h!t, and let any $h!t-talking f@gtard who says otherwise repeat this epic achievement of riding from Mexico to Canada, through some of the best scenery this country has to offer. No lie, check out the documentary, those horses are TOUGH!!! Scrambling uphill in rough country like ya wouldn't believe... hell, some former dirt bikes of mine would've had trouble climbing some of that terrain, and they were all tricked out. The Grand Canyon shots alone are worth watching, but the rest of the scenery doesn't exactly suck either, LOL. Check out 'UNBRANDED' if & when ya get the chance, it gets Cactus Cowboy's highest recommendation, LOL. WINNER!!! :)

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Gonna post this Kettenburg PC here as well, in case any of youse nautical hee-roes has the money to buy it, LOL... :rolleyes:

Kettenburg PC **HISTORIC BOAT** - boats - by owner - marine sale

Here's a bad@$$ fishing/diving boat, but she's pricey... :eek:

Sea-Ark 28' Aluminum - Commercial Work Boat - Dive Boat - boats - by...

Here's a beater 505, just posting this so site members can see the somewhat complicated rigging... :confused:

1987 Rondar 505 - boats - by owner - marine sale

That's it for now, I've been thinking about flipping my home and moving down the road a bit to another area of Arizona... or possibly living aboard a boat out in Dago, though I'd rather buy property here. After a bad year, I feel like getting a fresh start, ya know? So I've been weighing that decision... now it's time for me to go to the store and bag some beer, I've been beer-less (i.e. flat broke) for 3 or 4 days now and I'm mighty thirsty, LOL. ;)

Y'all be good, I'm off to bag those cold ones, I'm gonna get good & drunk tonight as I further consider my options... I had it all going on here in Benson earlier this year, but I lost that good gubmint job (with full benefits & excellent retirement) for all the wrong reasons, and it has been buggin' the hell outta me. I reckon rules & regs are out the f#%ng window this year, f#%-ups & criminals get a free pass while hard-working citizens & taxpayers get screwed, go figure. :mad:

Meh, I'm thinking a change of scenery will do me good, and there are always 'fixers' in my price range here in Arizona... if I go, I'll miss the million-dollar view, but no worries, there are plenty of million-dollar views in scenic southeastern Arizona, and I'll still be close to the crags, just closer to more work opportunities as well. I hate commuting, I'd rather pull stakes & relocate where there are more jobs, even if it's only 35 or 40 miles away. :D

I also may go trucking, but that's a last resort... I'll probably just flip the home, temporarily throw my stuff in storage, park the cats with foster parents or rehome them, take a much needed camping & sailing break in Dago for a week or two, and check the Arizona property listings on my laptop when I get the chance. One thing about flipping the home, I'll be completely debt-free again and I can pick up a big ol' thumper in the bargain, maybe even a small boat too... :)

P.S. None of these plans are written in stone, some 11th-hour job may save the property from flippage, but I'm definitely leaning that way as bills continue to roll in and scumbag politicians keep holding up the relief bill... the dirty swine. Moi, I'm not chained to any one place, and if I pull stakes, I'll just try to remember the good times I had here, aye? Same way I remember all the good times in Show Low & the White Mountains. Meh, we'll see... for now, it's BEER-THIRTY!!! :cool:

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Hmm... yep, I was hammered last night, LOL. I'm actually gonna hang onto this property as long as possible, even if that means borrowing a little money from my brothers. One brother is flying from Italy to San Diego this Thanksgiving, so he and his kids (my niece & nephew, both adults) are gonna drive out to see me... I haven't seen any family members in 4 years, as I've been standing alone in Arizona, but I like this state, it has a lot of freedom going for it, LOL. Way more than Kalifornia, though I hope to eventually ease out there to the coast on paid sailing vacations... I could've already taken TWO weeklong paid sailing vacays if it weren't for that idiot smoking near the fuel on that last job. Meh, I gotta quit thinking about that irritating fiasco, and simply move forward to find work elsewhere. :rolleyes:

I'm hoping that once my niece & nephew see this place, and see how cool it is, maybe one of 'em will decide to move here... which would free me up to go trucking and earn some serious money, as long as someone was here to watch my cats, ya know? I tried finding a roommate, but never found anybody I could actually trust with the care of my home & cats, 10-4? I have this trucking outfit that wants to hire me too, as good safe experienced drivers are hard to find, but I couldn't bring myself to rehome my cats... call me an idiot or a sentimental fool, that's okay with me. I just love my kittehs, they are like my kids and they keep me entertained, LOL. I just can't let 'em go, we're friends to the end, AYE??? No f#%ng way I rehome them, no matter how crazy things get... and I'm not really in that bad of a situation, it has just been a cr@ppy year ever since I lost that good gubmint job for all the wrong reasons. :confused:

Anyway, I plan on cooking a late dinner tonight, I'm having "fake BBQd yardbird"---that's where I cheat by cooking the yardbird in my NuWave Infrared Oven instead of actually BBQing it on my grill, LOL. Meh, it comes out pretty tasty, all I gotta do is slather BBQ sauce on each side as I cook the 'bird, and top it off with pineapple slices for the second half. That's how it is done with the NuWave oven, ya gotta flip the cr@p halfway through the cooking session. No worries, it'll be heller good with a fresh green side salad, maybe some flavored rice in the microwave to fill in the gaps, LOL. I have 'Herb & Butter' rice and 'Cheddar Broccoli' rice, either one will work... I don't really want quick taters, rice is better with the fake BBQd yardbird, AYE? And the green salad will be tight, with lettuce, vine-ripened tomato & cucumber topped with Greek dressing or that primo 'Cilantro Lime' dressing I like, that stuff is mighty tasty... ;)

I'm really looking forward to this upcoming visit by my relatives, I can't believe it has been 4 years already since I saw any of 'em... where the heck does the time go? Meh, we'll make up for lost time as I school 'em on the 8' pool table, and cook a big ol' (actual) BBQ meal for dinner, after a few beers, of course. Maybe some wine for my niece, I'm not sure what she likes nowadays. I think my nephew quit drinking, so that's cool, I'll get him some juice or soda or whatever... my best friend Tommy went clean & sober a couple of decades ago, or damned near it, and we still maintain our friendship. In fact, he offered to help me out with a small loan of $500 or whatever, but hopefully I won't need it, I'm good right now and I'm still looking for work, 10? Thank goodness the cost of living is so low here in rural or semi-rural Arizona, I couldn't do this in Kalifornia, that's for GODDAM sure, LOL. Meh, things should turn around soon enough... :D

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So, last night I watched the Daniel Day-Lewis remake of 'THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS' on the 65" curved screen... I've seen it before, but this is a longtime favorite of mine, not only because it is based upon the excellent novel by James Fenimore Cooper, but also because (to me) it is the signature work of Daniel Day-Lewis. I'm no fan of Hollywood actors, but I like that guy in this flick, it all works out like Cooper would've wanted it to be depicted on film. Funny thing, Cooper's story takes place in upstate NY, but much of this remake was filmed at Chimney Rock, NC, go figure... :confused:

That's another reason why I like this film with its excellent cinematography, I had a really good time at Chimney Rock back in my "trucking daze" (circa 1997). I had a weekend run with plenty of time on my hands, picking up a load on Friday and not delivering till Monday, with trip mileage relatively low... companies would do this so a driver could recoup some hours according to D.O.T. regs, but it also gave those same drivers a chance to relax after running hard all week, ya know? That's how I stumbled across Chimney Rock, I didn't even notice it in my atlas until I arrived at Lake Lure and saw Hickory Nut Gorge with its awesome crags... :rolleyes:

I had picked up a load Friday afternoon in the backwoods of "The Tar Heel" (NC), and now it was Saturday morning... I was cruising along some skinny little 2-lane blacktop highway when I rolled up on Lake Lure and saw Chimney Rock. I decided then & there to take a break and explore this awesome cragging area, but there were no truck stops nearby and I needed a shower, ya know? Well, after I rolled through the village or hamlet of Chimney Rock, I looked over at the Rocky Broad River and said to myself, "There's my shower!" LOL. Shaved & washed my hair by the truck, then took a dip in the river to get cleaned up... ;)

Picture me on a beautiful spring day, the May weather couldn't be more perfect... it's midmorning, the gorge and its crags are towering above me, and I know that as soon as I get cleaned up and find a place to drop my wagon, I can bobtail up to check out Chimney Rock, aye? But first, the dip in the Rocky Broad River... that water coming off the mountains of western NC was FREEZING, LOL, I lasted about two minutes, tops, as I got cleaned up in what would otherwise have been a magnificent venue... you'll see what I mean in the pics I'm about to post, the place was really beautiful. :D

The park itself is privately owned, since Doctor Morse bought the land back around the turn of the century (1900)... a "buzzer beater" with regard to Theodore Roosevelt and his plans to preserve natural wonders by giving them National Monument or National Park status. If the Morse Family had not purchased the land, this area would certainly be a protected park today, but to give them credit, the Morse Family has done a pretty good job turning the place into a huge outdoor playground. If you like hiking in scenic outdoor venues, be sure to check out Chimney Rock if ya get the chance, it is a primo location. :cool:

I think I paid around $5 to enter the park in '97, and it was totally worth every penny... once I took the elevator ride and sussed out Chimney Rock, I hiked the Skyline Trail to get the overlook, then checked out Hickory Nut Falls before doing the Cliff Trail, which figures prominently in the movie remake. Afterward, I poked around in all those nooks & crannies you see on the trail map, the park is really cool if ya like outdoor adventure and fresh air... nice solid rock too, but climbing is prohibited except in carefully-controlled events, so that's one downside, any climbing or rappelling ya do will probably be illegal, LOL. :(

Last but not least, how about that elevator project? 8 TONS OF FRIGGIN' DYNAMITE... HOLY CR@P, BOYZ, THAT'S A $H!TLOAD OF DYNAMITE!!! :eek:

I rode that elevator twice, and it sure made things easier... as soon as ya hit the top, there's a Visitors Center with gift shop and all, then a cool aerial walkway leading out toward Chimney Rock. Moi, I've always liked aerial walkways, ever since I was a kid... and the Morse Family did a fine job on the walkways in the park. Trails too... in the movie remake with Daniel Day-Lewis, you can see where the trails have been improved if ya look closely enough, LOL. Meh, the flick is still pretty cool, and trucking in itself is a grand adventure, might as well be a voyage of discovery like those pulled by mariners centuries ago... :rolleyes:


IMG_1024.JPG IMG_1011.JPG
IMG_1013.JPG IMG_1012.JPG
IMG_1015.JPG IMG_1016.JPG
IMG_1018.JPG IMG_1017.JPG

Pretty cool place, yeah? And the weather was absolutely perfect during my visit, as you can see from the shot of flowering dogwoods & whatnot on the entrance road leading up to the parking lot & elevator. Man, I miss those good ol' days when trucking was still awesome, the glory days when sleepers got large and drivers could still run solo and have a blast!!! Now the industry has been ruined, or it has taken a serious hit in terms of lifestyle quality... back in the day, a hand could have the time of his life, running the Lower 48 (and several Canadian provinces) with friends & fellow drivers. You'd meet other drivers and run clear across country with 'em, shutting down & partying every night & laughing your @$$ off... it wasn't a job back then, it was a LIFESTYLE. Meh, all good things come to an end, I'm just glad I went trucking when I did, it was a real adventure in those days. :cool:
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Found a few more pics from the collection, we'll start with this boat-haulin' lowboy high-centered and blocking the road between the TA & Petro Travel Plazas west of K-Town in 'The Volunteer' (Knoxville, TN). Ya gotta be careful when ya drag those lowboys around, they can easily get high-centered on driveways, railroad tracks, any location where clearance underneath your rig can be a problem. In this case, not only was the driveway coming out of the truck stop a bit steep, the road onto which the driver was turning sloped downhill toward the interstate, so these factors combined to bring the truck hard aground. Look at the bright side: at least it was raining, so once another tractor got a chain or cable on the grounded rig, the rain would help the lowboy trailer to slide off more easily, LOL. :confused:

I was ahead of schedule and already parked in the Petro lot when this happened, drinking beer and relaxing when I heard the commotion on the CB radio, so I grabbed my camera and walked over to see what was happening... might seem harsh to those unfamiliar with the trucking world, but when ya f#% up and start blocking traffic in and out of two large truck stops, well, ya ain't gonna be too popular and yer rig will be fair game for the camera, that's just the way it is. Best to not f#% up in the first place, though I've made my share of mistakes, and I've also helped some drivers in a jam to escape, AYE? But this driver already had enough help, he was just p!ssin' off the other truckers who hadn't made it into or out of each truck stop, LOL. :mad:



Not a bad-looking boat, worth enough for someone to pay to have it hauled across country... :rolleyes:

Hmm, lemme toss a few more pics your way before I post those shots, got a few interesting pics from ye olde collection, LOL... :D


Good-looking rig, D.O.T.-approved!!! LOL... damn. Henceforth, I'm sure that 53' wagon will be perfectly straight!!! :eek:


TEXAS-SIZED BBQ!!! WOOHOO!!! At least this driver is doing it right, the wagon isn't laid over on the interstate with steaks, chicken, bratwurst, etc., scattered from hell to breakfast, LOL. What next? Ah, how about this gnarly doubles wreck over on I-85 near the GA/SC line... bad rollover wreck, I think the driver died in this one, there was blood all over the cab when I walked past and glanced into the truck. I had pulled over just beyond the wreck to take water to the wrecking crew which desperately needed it, they had been called out hours earlier and didn't realize the wreck would be so tough to clear, ya know? Heard it on the CB, and I had 8 or 10 gallons of purified drinking water aboard my rig, so I figured I'd help 'em out... of course, I took my camera along and surreptitiously snapped a few pics while coming & going, LOL. Check out that guardrail all twisted up like so much spaghetti... I reckon the driver fell asleep, since that stretch of road was straight, but that doubles rig went right over that guardrail and down the embankment, as you can see. Wreckers earned their money on this one... :confused:

IMG_1076.JPG IMG_1077.JPG

Here are a couple of wrecked road tractors... "SHOWROOM CONDITION!!! GUARANTEED PERFECTLY STRAIGHT!!!" ;)


How about a Chi-Town traffic clusterf#%, all because that idiot in the red car went out of control and hit the barrier on the side, LOL... freakin' dumb@$$!!! :mad:


Nice suit... might as well be dressed to kill as you look like a friggin' moron on the shoulder, talking to a bunch of Illinois State Troopers, LOL. :rolleyes:

Hmm, what else do we have? How about another traffic clusterf#%? Lord knows where this one was, whenever I ran up on one of these situations where the interstate became a parking lot, I'd set my brakes and step out to stretch my legs and snap a pic or two, LOL. :D


Okay, lemme break these pics into two posts so they go through without any hassles... I'll be back with more shots from that separate reality known as OTR (Over-The-Road) Truck Driving, LOL. Remember Cactus Cowboy's famous line over the CB: "WELCOME TO THE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY!!!" :eek:

Oh, yeah, I also had another famous signature line: "ANY DAY YA DON'T KILL A WAGONLOAD OF KIDS IS A GOOD DAY!!!" ;)

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Ah, that was a good break, LOL... and now, what else do we have in the way of entertainment? Maybe we should focus on the good drivers for a moment, the ones doing it right... here's a big ol' chromed-out KW (Kenworth) called 'Dark Shadow' which caught my eye in a truck stop over there in the Carolinas, nice rig with little chrome skulls plastered everywhere on it, LOL. :eek:


SWEEEEEEEET!!! Check out all the chicken lights, that rig was lit up like a disco at night, LOL. :rolleyes:


Hmm, there's a shot from my early days, that's a U.S. Xpress (sic) tractor, I started out with them in '96, and that driver's handle was "Gunslinger" (LOL). ;)


There's MY USX tractor, I had a lot of fun in that truck... this shot was taken during time off in Dago County, I took my girlfriend camping out in Anza-Borrego and had a blast, here we are going to hike to Truckhaven Rocks in the background, after spending a wonderful night & morning in Borrego Palm Canyon Campground. Typical FreightShaker (or FreightLiner) back in the day, big ol' double-bunk sleeper (though we pitched a tent to camp by the fire). Good times in those days... :D


There are a couple shots of the mighty Columbia River, looking east & west respectively, the photos taken from the WA side near a tiny little burg called Maryhill. More of a village or hamlet, really, and I didn't stop there, but once I drove high enough on the hill I pulled over to take these shots, since the river looked bad@$$. BTW, these photos are shots taken of existing paper photos, so bear with me... :confused:


There's a burned-out Marten trailer... we're back to the ugliness, LOL. "D.O.T.-approved!!!" :rolleyes:

How about some more Chi-Town shots? West Side, where truck traffic (large & small) can be a real nightmare, LOL. See the shot of all the straight trucks on that one street? I'm thinking a truck driver could have a lot of fun by putting his big rig in gear, then plowing down that lane and BASHING straight trucks left and right, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, yeah, for those who don't know, a 'straight truck' has the cab and cargo bed on the same frame, unlike a big rig which is articulated. See, ya learn something new every day, just like trucking!!! LOL... ;)


Hey, good luck driving yer big rig down that skinny little alley on the West Side... tearing $h!t up the whole way, LOL. :(

Here's a classic postcard I must have bought in Chi-Town, or somewhere near it, it was in that scrapbook with the other shots so I must have bagged it there... nice ROACH MOTEL, "BIGGER AND BETTER IN AMERICA!!!" :eek:


LOL... damn. Guess I'll wrap this up with a couple shots of Fathead & Crackhead eating lunch at the ol' hacienda earlier today... Fathead is the cat some kook abandoned while leaving Benson, he was looking pretty scruffy two months ago but he is now filling out with the good chow I'm giving him. That's a good thing too, since Ol' Man Winter is on his way, and it gets cold here... see how Fathead's fur makes his head look larger? That's how he earned the moniker... one can confuse him with Tiger in a hasty glance, but Tiger is much larger, a regular monster, while Fathead has a torn ear from scrapping with some other cat a while back (might have been Tiger or Crackhead who slashed his ear for him, LOL). Anyway, here are the last pics for today, time to go watch some entertainment on the big screen prior to having a bad@$$ dinner, fresh green salad and leftover pasta which is freakin' STELLAR, 10-4??? :)


That's milk Fathead is drinking in that last shot, he's a friggin' milkaholic... needs to go to Milkaholics Anonymous, before he puts me into bankruptcy, LOL. Crackhead looks smaller in this pic, but he's actually the same size, it's just the angle and the fact that Fathead has a fat head, AYE??? :D


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Hmm, saw a few new listings on Dago C/L, we'll start with this Catalina 27, just your regular C-27 that needs a little work, but not bad for the price (which is ALWAYS negotiable, since CASH is king). :rolleyes:

1972 Catalina 27' - boats - by owner - marine sale

I'm tossin' in this Beneteau solely because of the cool shots of Catalina and Shelter Island, I would NEVER even consider a "boat partnership." :eek:

Beneteau 423 1/4 Partnership - boats - by owner - marine sale

This seller has a McGregor and some cats for fairly cheap, actually wants to trade instead of dealing with cash... ;)

Best Buy/Trade…Sailboat McGregor Venture 22', 3 Hobie Cats. From -...

Nice Whaler here, but they've always been pricey... nothin' wrong with a Whaler, except the inflated price, LOL. :confused:

Original Boston Whaler Outrage 18 Yamaha - Turn-Key - boats - by...

This seller wants WAY too much for this Challenger, but knock down the price and do some work on her, and she'd be fun enough... at least those youngsters are having a good time, instead of burning down Dem-controlled cities, LOL. :)

1972 Challenger Sailboat 32 Feet - boats - by owner - marine sale

Here's a cool little Catalina 25 with a pop-top, not really large enough for a comfortable liveaboard but fun enough for recreational sailing, just gotta beat the price down a bit, LOL. :D

25’ Catalina with Pop-Top! - boats - by owner - marine sale

Well, guess I should rustle up some breakfast before I get started on the touch-up painting... I'm really looking forward to my family's visit this weekend, since I haven't seen any of 'em in at least 4 years! In fact, I've never seen little Jack at all, he was born after I left Kalifornia, I suppose I'm his grand-uncle (if there IS such a thing), I'm gonna introduce him to the game of pool by letting him stand on the sturdy stepladder I have, it even has a railing on top for support but it's only about as high as the table rails. Should be fun, shooting pool and firing up the BBQ, we're doing actual Thanksgiving dinners separately... makes no difference to me, I'll probably still have plenty of turkey and whatnot left over from Thursday. Alright, youse nautical heroes, just wanted to share the latest listings on C/L, along with my usual observations, LOL. Anybody over there in Dago County who wants a Hobie Cat, you could probably buy one of those for cheap from that trader, aye? Otherwise, I reckon the Catalina 27 is the best overall value. Nothin' wrong with a Catalina 27, I've had plenty of fun aboard those boats in years past. Cheers!!! :cool:

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Y'all wanna hear something funny? My friend sent me a USPS money order for $500 to help me out a bit over the holidays, and I figured, "Hmm, better go cash this today so I have a little money for my family's upcoming visit." So I drop what I'm doing, gather what I need, and head to town to cash the money order at the U.S. Post Office, right? Well, the Post Office is so PODUNK, they don't even have enough money to cover the lousy $500 order, LOL. "WHAAAAAAT?!?!?" :eek:

I try the local banks, credit union, Safeway, WallyWorld, etc., and NOBODY will cash the money order for me, despite the fact that it's a USPS money order... maybe Uncle Sam has gone broke and nobody trusts him anymore, LOL. I return to my house and get on the phone: three U.S. Post Offices in Pomerene, Willcox, and St. David are ALSO so podunk that they can't cover the order!!! I'm beginning to think I may have to drive clear to Tucson... :(

FINALLY, I discover a U.S. Post Office in Sierra Vista that actually has enough money to honor the order, LOL... ain't that some podunk $h!t in Redneck Land?!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Like James Bond and Lawrence of Arabia once said (or sang), "I'M THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK AT MONTE CARLO!!!" Okay, it wasn't actually some casino bank, it was four different podunk U.S. Post Offices in Cochise County, Arizona, LOL. :confused:

That's some crazy redneck action there, but as 'the Bard' once said, "ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL!!!" I did eventually get the sonofagun cashed, but man, I spent the entire afternoon doing it... makes me wonder if I'd still be in Tucson if the order were for $1000, LOL. On my way back into Benson, I stopped to splurge and mack the double beef burrito plate at Adolpho's, so now I'm too full to even drink beer... "STOP THE PRESSES!!!" ;)

Kind of ironic, that I should have a fridge full of beer and I can't even drink a single one, LOL. Meh, they'll keep, and this will go down in history as one of those rare days when I don't even have ONE beer. Sometimes, I'll just have one and call it quits because I'm not in the mood, but tonight my belly is too full of good food for me to squeeze even one beer in there... guess I'll lie down and read a Western, I don't feel like watching a movie. :D

Boy, I'd hate to think what might happen if I won the lottery and took the check into one of these podunk stores & institutions to cash it... I'd be SOL, no doubt about it, the check would be worthless in these parts, LOL. Note to self: If I ever win the lottery, ask for a wire transfer to my USAA account, and avoid a check at all costs!!! Jeez, I knew I was living in Redneck Land, but that's pretty funny, Uncle Sam being too broke to cash his own money orders, LOL. :rolleyes:


P.S. I'll probably have a nightmare tonight about spending the rest of my life driving around in The Mighty Camry, looking for a place to cash a lousy $500 USPS money order, LOL. ;)

Edit: Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that during this afternoon-long ordeal, which included TWO visits to WallyWorld, I somehow found the time to help an elderly couple by getting my jumper cables out of the trunk of the Camry... some other hand had already pulled up to face the kaput vehicle, all I had to do was go back to my car and get the cables (which I always carry, along with tools in the trunk). Maybe that incident helped me with some good karma, and I FINALLY found a place to cash the blasted money order, LOL. Nearly two hours later, but meh, better late than never!!! Cheers!!! :confused:
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