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Classic Herreshoff design not seen every day...

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This ad has the name misspelled, but this small gaff-rigged keelboat designed by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff is a classic... Herreshoff was an interesting guy too, you can Google his name and see some very elegant yacht designs, including a series of undefeated America's Cup defenders (1893-1920). The C/L ad says 1920, but this particular design actually dates back to 1914, or the beginning of WWI. I was checking the ads on C/L just in case I wind up living aboard a boat, and I saw this American classic... definitely worth posting here so site members can appreciate her lines. I'm throwing in a video which offers a closer look at the boat. If I had the money, I'd bag this rare and elegant craft, just gotta watch the rocks & shoals with that keel, aye? :confused:

Herrishoff 12 &1/2 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Edit: Holy Cr@p!!! I just read that Herreshoff designed and built a catamaran in 1876, and the craft performed so well in the Centennial Regatta of the New York Yacht Club that catamarans were barred from "regular sailing classes" right up till the 1970s... there's some nautical history for ya, LOL. This guy was totally on the cutting edge of innovative yacht design... while photographs of Cup racers like Reliance & Defender are absolutely gorgeous. Gotta admire the elegance of Herreshoff designs, he didn't build too many ugly boats, LOL. ;)
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Well, there's some good news on the job front: the county ran another ad, this time applicants with a CDL-A receive hiring preference, so I went ahead and applied. I also have an interview Monday morning with a small trucking outfit, but that job is contingent upon my finding someone to look after my cats while I'm on the road. I'm working on that, hoping to find a quiet elderly person who perhaps is struggling to make ends meet, and would be happy to look after my cats and home in exchange for a roof over his or her head. I don't really care about that person paying rent, I'd make enough while trucking anyway, but I want someone totally reliable who likes cats and is willing to care for three of them in my absence. Might be a tall order, I don't want some slob in here either, trashing my home while I'm gone... but I did talk to two reliable neighbors and they're going to ask around, maybe one of them has a friend who'd fit the necessary profile. Otherwise, I carry on my search, at least I'm free & clear with my home... :confused:

Anyway, I looked at some more Herreshoff designs, the dude was a veritable god as a naval architect. Something like 2000 different designs, some still being built by modern builders... what a legacy. I was reading about the "Herreshoff Schooners" built for rich folk, those were stunningly beautiful boats, I especially admired the Herreshoff Schooner 'Westward'---what an elegant craft! I found some links so y'all can check her out, that replica the 'Eleonora' doesn't suck either, built by the Dutch firm Van der Graaf, you woodworkers out there will appreciate the photos at that Sandeman site. Funny how seeing one little C/L ad can bring on such enjoyable web searches... N. G. Herreshoff was quite the hand, one helluva naval architect, I can't think of any others back in the day who even came close, and as far as the 'Eleonora' replica goes, well, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Leave it to the Dutch to build such a splendid replica based on the 'Westward'---but that shot of the original schooner is still impressive, as are all shots of Herreshoff designs. :rolleyes:

Damn, one link is obsolete... well, let's try another. :(

Master designer - Seahorse Magazine

Now I'm not sure if that's the 'Westward' in that photo, it looks like her but it may be another Herreshoff Schooner. Meh, y'all get the idea... damn, several of the links I chose are obsolete, so I guess ya don't see the 'Eleonora' after all unless you Google her. In the meantime, here's a link to the gaff cutter Reliance, what a bad@$$ boat!!! What, 201' from bowsprit to boom end? And a rig 199' high? Not bad for 1903, LOL... click on the photos to see 'em full-size. :eek:

Reliance (yacht) - Wikipedia

Wait, I just figured it out, you can still see the Eleonora by Googling "Eleonora yacht"---dunno if the woodwork shots are included, maybe you'll see 'em. Here's a link to a different schooner, and what a friggin' boat she is, aye? Oh, wait, this one says it IS the Eleonora, but the other site had different photos... now I'm confused. Meh, the boat's still under $10 million USD, where's my checkbook? ;)

Herreshoff Gaff Schooner - 162' Gaff Schooner 2000

Here's a link to Eleonora, great photos here, check out that goddam bathtub!!! I can see myself bathing while under way, with water sloshing around, LOL. Er, maybe you're supposed to wait until you're anchored before ya run water in the tub... WTF, rich folk can do whatever they want. :D

Classic Sailing Yacht ELEONORA – Yacht for Sale | BGYB

Okay, that's enough for now, I gotta get cleaned up after being on the computer all morning and part of the afternoon... jeez, I can't believe so many links no longer work, guess a bunch of companies bit the dust in recent years. Meh, anybody interested in Herreshoff's legacy can pull some web research, this guy was something else, a standout in a family of high achievers. I've been familiar with his name for decades, but I never knew he came up with so many innovations still used to this day. What a friggin' nautical genius... it'd be cool to go back in time and have a beer with him, just to hear his stories, LOL. CHEERS!!! :cool:
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Wait, I just had a funny thought... you diehard Laser & 'Fish sailors out there, you're gonna have a hard time cartopping Eleonora, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :eek:

Alright, now I'm ready for a cold beer and a hot shower... might even combine the two, since I haven't had a drop of alcohol yet today. ;)

That one shot of Eleonora framed by the cliffs is AWESOME, that's a beautiful photograph!!! The others don't exactly suck either, LOL... :cool:

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Hey, ProATC, you like those shots of Herreshoff designs? F#%ng cool, huh? I still may wind up living aboard a boat, I'm sort of in this weird limbo right now with the house, the job situation, the cats, etc., and I'm not sure how it's all going to pan out. I'm just hangin' on till the election, since that will certainly affect my decision, but I can always flip this home and try my luck elsewhere... it's a primo place, but I'm not tied to it, ya know? I don't have any kids in school, wife with a job, or any of that, I just have my three cats but I'm reluctant to part with 'em, since they're like my kids. I reckon I can rehome 'em if necessary, but if I do that, I'll probably just flip the home, throw stuff in storage, go take a big ol' sailing vacay in Dago, and check listings for boats on moorings in CA, or other properties for sale here in Arizona. I could buy a sweet spread farther east, free & clear, but then I'd have to deal with all that humid slop every summer, and that sh!t sucks. Plus I already have my Arizona license, vehicle registration, etc., in place, so I'd be more inclined to buy property here, UNLESS I wound up living aboard a boat. :rolleyes:

So, that's what I've been going through lately, racking my brain for the best possible solution. I *might* take a roommate solely to have someone here to watch the home and cats while I'm trucking, IF I go trucking again, but that seems like a tall order, finding the right person. Gotta be a non-smoking cat lover, for starters... no tobacco, I mean, I couldn't care less if the person does bong hits on the view deck. But I don't want my home reeking of stanky ol' tobacco, and I damn sure don't need to be picking up filters left by some butthead. I'd also have to find someone who isn't a friggin' SLOB, as I have little-to-zero patience for slobs. Might even be a negative reading, LOL. Last thing I wanna do is come off the road and discover that my home has been trashed by some slob... I'd wind up beatin' that tard to death with my bare hands, then I'd have to dump the corpse out in the brush where the mountains meet the high desert. And all of that would cut into my valuable time off, don'tcha know? Meh, I'm working on the right solution, it may just take a little more time before I know which course to choose. :confused:

Ideally, I get on with the county and I'm right back where I was earlier this year, making money and racking up PTO while dumping the maximum allowed contribution into the excellent ASRP, or Arizona State Retirement Program. It's a good retirement program too, the only one offering more is the one for law enforcement under the same umbrella, so to speak. Damn, I STILL can't believe I lost a good city job by calling out some friggin' inmate for smoking near fuel... that just blows my mind, especially after I worked so hard to clean up that filthy shop and get 65 gas-powered carts up & running strongly, go figure. But it's all part of that modern PC bull$h!t: God forbid I hurt the poor inmate's feelings as he endangers the lives of others in the workplace, AYE??? Frankly, I can't think of a more serious OSHA violation than smoking near fuel, unless it's smoking near EXPLOSIVES. Ah, well, there's no going back now, the damage is done and I've been struggling ever since to get my life back in order... f___, I could've already taken a paid sailing vacation in Dago if that whole fiasco hadn't happened. :mad:

It's enough to p!ss off the goddam Pope, and I've had a hard time processing it, ya know? I try to do the right thing and obey regulations... D.O.T. regs while out trucking, OSHA regs in the workplace, Army regs in the Infantry, gubmint regs to cover whatever else wasn't addressed, you name it. And I haven't always LIKED doing it either, but I did my best... well, I falsified a few logbooks out trucking, but EVERYBODY does that, or everybody used to do it, now they have electronic logs so maybe that cuts down on the "comic book" action. Brings back some funny memories... I passed Calculus in high school so I never had much trouble with math, which made logbook falsification pretty darned easy, and my logbook was golden too, so golden that I could roll up on a D.O.T. scale (or chicken coop) with no worries, and when the D.O.T. man asked me for my logbook, I'd reply with a straight face, "WHICH ONE???" That always garnered some strange looks & raised eyebrows, LOL, but I kept my truck clean along with my logbook, and I don't look like some tweekin' crackerhead, so humor usually won the day. ;)

Funniest moment ever when dealing with the D.O.T.---I rolled up on the Joplin chicken house on I-44 while dragging a load of lead solder waste from Dago to western PA, it was a glorious spring day so I was dressed in baggy field shorts, black Vibram-soled Danner Commander boots, and $400 prescription (pre-Lasik) sunglasses. There's a camera by that scale, so the D.O.T. man told me, "Park around the back and bring in all your paperwork." My reply: "Okay, let me put on a shirt!" So I pull around and park, then grab a primo Hawaiian shirt made entirely of hemp, a shirt I bought at 'The Hemporium' in Springfield, MO, on a previous trip. This was a very nice $60 hemp Hawaiian shirt, black with little green dope leaves edged in silver, 10-4? The thing was good-looking too, the best Hawaiian shirt I've ever seen, and quality hemp construction to boot. Anyway, I don this shirt and grab my stack of paperwork: logbook, permit book, tall stack of Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests, etc., a stack of bull$h!t about 6 or 8 inches high, and I hold the stack on one forearm as I enter the chicken house. :eek:

As soon as I enter, I look over to see one D.O.T. man grilling some Mexican driver, questioning him about how long it took to drive down from Chicago. The Mexican mumbled some b.s., and the D.O.T. man made a loud denial buzzer noise, saying, "WRONG ANSWER!!!" I turned to see another D.O.T. bear sitting at a desk, this was obviously the guy in charge, so I stepped over and stood before his desk, patiently waiting as he ignored me for awhile (just to put me in my place). I now had that stack of paperwork and permits & whatnot resting on my right hand, my elbow crooked so I looked for all the world like an Italian waiter in a restaurant. The D.O.T. bear kept reading whatever he had in front of him on his desk, then he finally glanced up at me, to see this ex-Infantry soldier patiently waiting, stack of paperwork in hand. After looking directly into my eyes, his gaze wandered back down toward his desk, like he was gonna keep me waiting a little while longer... somewhere along the line, the shirt registered with him, and he did the CLASSIC WIDE-EYED DOUBLE-TAKE, only to ROAR:

"GET THE F#% OUT OF HERE!!!" :mad:

No lie, he actually said this, and of course I was in such a good mood, it being a fine spring day and all, with my trip from CA to PA going quite well and fully ahead of schedule, that I leaned forward over his desk, holding the stack of b.s. out toward him in my hand the same way an Italian waiter would present a tray full of food to diners in a friggin' restaurant, and I asked him:


Classic f#%ng moment, with the D.O.T. bear roaring (again) in mock offended dignity:


It was goddam hilarious... but by that time, I figured I'd better not press my luck, so I straightened up, turned around and beat feet for the door, before the guy had a chance to change his mind, LOL. I hustled out to my truck, leapt aboard, fired the ignition and put her in gear, to promptly roll around the chicken house and across the scale again. Maybe the D.O.T. bear had his big boss coming to visit, and he didn't want some @$$hole trucker standing around while wearing a Hawaiian dope shirt... I'll never know, but it was a classic moment in trucking, back in the late '90s when things were a little different than they are today, and two hands on opposite sides of that industry could share a hilarious moment. Meh, my truck was brand-new, the lease wagon was new, and the guy probably remembered me from a previous trip, as I used to roll across that scale on a regular basis. But it was pretty darned funny, and I never got through that scale any quicker, thanks to that Hawaiian dope shirt, LOL. Ah, yes, the memories... I might go trucking again, but this sort of hilarious moment belongs to the past. :rolleyes:

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Found a few videos of Eleonora under sail, nice clips to be seen in there... the modifiers "stately" and "elegant" come to mind when I see this magnificent schooner under sail, but her moorage and maintenance fees must be astronomical, not to mention the combined salaries for her crew. Meh, I guess the owner has the money, so it's not my wallet being broken... and it sure is nice to see this beautiful boat so well-maintained, a living bit of history. Oh, yeah, the Cunliffe bloke got socked up by one of the lads, he even shows the black eye during his spiel, LOL. :confused:

Enjoy! :cool:

Nautical disclaimer for Laser & Sunfish sailors: unlike your craft, Eleonora will NOT turn on a dime and give you nine cents change, but give her enough sea room and she looks good during any maneuver, LOL. ;)
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Beautiful morning here, I'm really enjoying this cooler weather... I sleep with windows open on each end of my home, and the nights have been wonderfully cool lately, after a long hot summer in what amounts to a lame year. But I digress... I was just checking the C/L ads in Dago, since I still may wind up living aboard a boat, and I saw a couple of cool ads. The first ad is for a free hull & trailer, dunno if anyone is interested but WTF, the price is right, LOL. Second ad shows some crazy little race boat, 75hp for a solo operator, LOL. I bet that little boat is funner than hell, not sure I need to go that fast on the water though... usually I prefer sailing, and it's quieter too. Meh, I'm not buying this boat anyway, if I buy a boat at all it'll probably be a 32' to 36' sloop or ketch. Oh, yeah, the original ad for the Herreshoff 12-1/2 has expired, but the ad has been renewed on C/L if anybody wants to see it, I can't be bothered to jot down the new numbers. Here we go:

Free J/22 with no spars - boats - by owner - marine sale

13' Rapid Craft Cyclone race boat - boats - by owner - marine sale

Saw a Sunfish and a Minifish for sale also, but they were in the $700 to $750 price range, asking prices anyway, maybe one could beat 'em down, LOL. I also saw some decent sloops in the 33' to 36' range, but I'm keeping my eye out for a boat on a transferable mooring ball, as those are so much cheaper than paying moorage & liveaboard fees at a marina. I could do laundry and even shower at my friend's house on the bay in Coronado, there's a public dock where I can leave the boat for awhile as I knock out all that, though I'm gonna have a working shower aboard too. Meh, we'll see what happens, I'm not heading that way yet, though I'm seriously considering it if the work situation doesn't improve here in this little burg. Maybe the county will still come through, then I'll just take paid sailing vacations as planned earlier, before that last job went south for all the wrong reasons. :confused:

P.S. I bet there's some history behind that little Cyclone race boat, the seller seems to think it's the best specimen left in the country... ;)
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Heard that Dwight Yoakam classic today on the way home from the store... had to roll my windows down and CRANK my stereo, LOL. That's how it is in Redneck Land, the good tunes give ya "dirt road cred" with the country gals, while ghetto rap will get ya beaten or shot, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And good riddance... but as long as you're playin' Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, David Allan Coe, Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, George Jones, et al, you're F#%NG GOLDEN, LOL. ;)

Gonna grill some thick-@$$ NY Strips later, as well as a "Pork Backrib Extra Meaty Seasoned" which was on sale at Safeway... gonna try a "carne asada" combo with the two, I picked up a bag of hot Hatch green chiles today, along with fresh sweet onions, vine-ripened tomatoes, large flour tortillas, shredded Kraft 'Mexican' cheese, sour cream, avocados, El Yucateco hot sauce (to drizzle on top once everything else is in place), the whole nine yards. :rolleyes:

Normally, I make chicken burritos with all those ingredients, but I felt like steak and a little "puerco" today: four burly NY Strips to one meaty pork backrib, LOL, should be a good ratio with all that other cr@p in the recipe. Yesiree, gotta have them thar hot Hatch chiles, they are the BOMB when ya make burritos. For those who don't know, Hatch, New Mexico, has one of the best climates in the world for growing hot peppers... Deming isn't bad either, they have hot peppers too. :eek:

So as a certified redneck chef, I'm in heaven when it comes to Southwestern food, LOL. Those hot peppers are good for ya too, they clean your blood... and clean your system. Bacteria & viruses don't like those hot peppers, those peppers will burn 'em on both ends and send their carcasses downriver. Hatch chiles are great, their flavor is EXCELLENT, I often buy the 'Young Guns' salsa made with Hatch chiles, all those 'Young Guns' products get my seal of approval. :D

Well, guess I'll kick back and drink some beer, I'm hoping to hear from the county by tomorrow about that job, and of course I gotta check the latest listings on the web. Still no word on someone to watch my cats & home while I go trucking, that outfit wants to hire me but I gotta set something up first, and of course the county job would trump truck driving, due solely to the excellent ASRP or Arizona State Retirement Program, it's a good one. CHEERS!!! :)

Here's a Dwight Yoakam video, picture me cruising down the main drag of this little burg with this tune BLASTING from my stereo, LOL... :cool:


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Holy Cow!!! It's siesta time!!! I slapped together a big ol' burrito, couldn't even roll it properly because I had too much filling atop the tortilla & shredded cheese, LOL. But it was pretty darned tasty, and the side salad was good too... :rolleyes:


Last two shots are close-ups of the mix, with steak & pork rib chunks a-plenty, LOL. Now it's nappy time for this nappy-headed sailor, I'm off to La-La Land to dream about 22" rims & Lo-Pro tires, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ;)


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Let's BBQ the 1st Amendment, LOL. ;)

Saw some cool craft on C/L this morning, I'm still looking in case I decide to take a long cruise... :cool:

Here's an Alden schooner ya won't see everyday, she's out of my price range but she's still pretty sweet... the transom may read Fort Bragg, CA, but those first three shots were taken off Point Loma & on San Diego Bay, I'd know that view anywhere, and there are recognizable landmarks to be seen as well. :rolleyes:

Alden Malabar II schooner - boats - by owner - marine sale

Here's that MX-Ray sailboat again, kinda steep but clearly a fast & fun boat, you can Google "MX-Ray sailboat" for more photos of this class in action... :D

sailboat with trailer - boats - by owner - marine sale

Last but not least, this little boat has nice lines, she may be older but she comes with new sails, rigging, and outboard motor... those alone are worth the price, but she's not large enough for my purposes. Still, someone could probably bag this boat for a couple grand, since the owner wants to sell fast. :confused:

Clarke 24’ San Juan - boats - by owner - marine sale

Alright, just wanted to share those three craft, I'm still trying to decide whether I wanna weed-whack this morning... it's cool enough, and it probably wouldn't take that long, but y'all know how much I love weed-whacking, PFFFFFFFT. :(

I'd sooner go on a legally-blind date with an amorous gal built like a Sumo wrestler... ObamaCare City, better make out my will first. :eek:

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Aye aye, skipper... looks like some idiot flagged the Alden schooner, go figure ("Huh?"), maybe the seller will repost on C/L. :confused:

Received good news from my brother overseas today, his ALS diagnosis may NOT be correct, the doctors are putting Lyme Disease back on the table as a possible cause of his ailments... :rolleyes:

Well, I can't exactly say I'm GLAD to hear it, but Lyme Disease is curable, whereas ALS is not, so I'm hoping the doctors can deal with it and keep my brother around for awhile... ;)

Moi, when I go, I wanna get hit by a fast-moving truck or a train, preferably while I'm drunk... you know, step into the street or onto the rail line and WHAM!!! Friggin' DONE... no doctors necessary, only the county coroner. Easy-peasy, Japanesy... except for the bloody mess, LOL. :cool:


Upside down?
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I hope the Lyme Disease diagnosis will be confirmed, but I have read that, in some cases at least, it may be difficult to get rid of completely.

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Better than that nasty ALS cr@p, for sure... keeping my fingers crossed, I already lost one of my seven brothers too soon, don't wanna lose another. :confused:

Genetically & historically speaking, my ancestors normally lived into their upper 80s... no history of bad diseases in the family, just some heart attacks & strokes & whatnot over multiple generations. :rolleyes:

So we'll see, I told my bro' that "You're only as young or as old as ya feel!" A trite expression, perhaps, but it's true... some days, I wake up feeling like a million bucks, other days, not so much, LOL. ;)

Hopefully this news will buck him up a bit, he has always been a tough hand, very strong in willpower, so if anyone can get through this mess, he can... and even if it's Lyme and only "treatable" rather than fully curable, well, that's gotta be better than a downward spiral on that ALS cr@p. :eek:


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Whoa, Eddie Van Halen is dead at 65, bummer... I remember seeing Van Halen in concert when the band first hit the charts, the promoters or managers didn't realize there'd be such a following already, so they underbooked seating. First two shows sold out lightning fast, and they had to add more... I was at the first show, might have been the first big venue the band played. San Diego Sports Arena, notorious for its bad acoustics, but the show was still great... ol' Diamond Dave was quite the showman, but Eddie had the blistering guitar riffs, LOL. My brother Pete and two friends were with me, we were half-lit and smoking weed in the stands... along with everybody else. To this day, I have fond memories associated with Van Halen tunes: listening to "D.O.A." while going a 'hundred-and-a-half' on a rice rocket in Anza-Borrego, for example... a hundred easy in the Oldsmobile to "Runnin' With The Devil" cranked on my stereo, LOL. :eek:

R.I.P., Eddie Van Halen, hope ya show those angels (or devils) a few good guitar riffs... maybe some jammin' harp music, aye? :rolleyes:
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Ugh... hung over hard, and I only drank about fifteen beers, LOL. :confused:

I'm thinking big ol' cholesterol feast for breakfast: sausage, eggs, country gravy, flapjacks with real maple syrup, the whole nine yards... :rolleyes:

Health food, baby, health food!!! LOL... I can feel my arteries hardening already, should look like 'QUIKRETE' before I'm done, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ;)

Cheers, youse knucklehaided moro... er, I mean youse NAUTICAL HEE-ROES!!! :cool:
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Well, I was just "waxing nostalgic" on the good ol' days, listening to that Van Halen tune... I can remember farther back than those rice rocket days, to the summer of 1979 when my friends built a huge wooden halfpipe on their concrete driveway. We had such good times riding that thing, one side rose to about 7' and had simulated pool coping (wooden half-round) for grinding & extreme tail taps, while the other side rose to 9' or so, with plenty of pure vertical... a rider could work that larger wall and gain enough speed to really hammer the opposite wall. Great times, riding all summer and hitting the beach between sessions, seems like so long ago with all the grief and strife in this modern world... life was more simple then, just skateboarding, hitting the beach, having a few good-looking gals hanging out to watch us skate, it was really cool. This song totally reminds me of that summer, since Roland and Jimmy Howard used to crank the entire album on their cassette player... that was a summer of hardcore skating too, I mean day in and day out, with heaps of vertical in the mix. You can actually read about that particular summer in my story, TRIX ARE FOR KIDS---my own personal saga of skateboarding back in the day. Here's the video and a link to the story, it is pretty funny... a blast from the past, AYE??? :eek:

Trix Are For Kids

That story actually earned $1000 when it was published in the Reader in '93 (?), but the idiots botched my work and gave it some sidewalk sissy title, PFFFFFFFFT. F#%ng morons... meh, here's the REAL story, straight from the horse's mouth... maybe a jack@$$, LOL. Cheers!!! ;)

Edit: The halfpipe at the Howard House was actually built in '79, according to my story (which is certainly more reliable than my memory), but the summer of '78 was also a good summer of skating, LOL. :cool:
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One more for alla youse sailors who used to SKATE back in the day... Lance Mountain, every bit as good as (or better than) Tony Hawk, LOL. That one carve where he hops the ladder as the board cruises beneath it? SO MUCH STYLE... :eek:

And NOW for that cholesterol feast, I'm getting hungry, LOL... CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:
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I was perusing Dago C/L ads and I saw a variety of interesting craft... not that I'd buy 'em, if I buy a boat it'll be a 30'-36' sloop, most likely, unless I score one of those jobs this week and simply buy another small craft for sailing vacations. But anyway, these were worth checking out, just to see how some folks have set up their boats, LOL. Saw a sailing kayak and a Sunfish in there too, so I included 'em in case someone is interested... the old outboard motors are included for historical purposes. Meh, guess we'll start with a couple of go-fast boats, I like the styling of the first one, and the motors are clean...just the way they should look aboard a boat like this. Here we go:

1994 42' FT FOUNTAIN - boats - by owner - marine sale

1998 32FT SKATER - boats - by owner - marine sale

Boy, I haven't been to Huntington Beach in a while... a.k.a. "Surf City" by locals, I had some friends who lived there for a number of years, but they eventually moved to Sandpoint, Idaho. Okay, what next? How about that Hobie sailing kayak? Here it is:

Double Hobie Kakak - boats - by owner - marine sale

Here's a Chris Craft that was built the same year that saw the beginning of WWI... she's in "Wrong Beach" (as my friends & I call it, LOL). :eek:

1939 Chris Craft Sportsman 19' - boats - by owner - marine sale

Okay, now we have a race boat which would be a good deal for a savvy repairman... just some "fire damage" to knock out, and look at the price! Not bad for the money, aye? WTF, she's still afloat, LOL. :rolleyes:

1984 Andrews Allegiance 40' Race Boat - boats - by owner - marine sale

Here's a nice smaller race boat, nothing wrong with a Santana (though I like the slightly-larger Santanas better), and any Schock design is good... I only include this because when ya look at the price (which is negotiable), ya realize that it's not a bad deal for all you get. :D

W.D. Schock Santana 20 Race Sailboat...Clean!! w Custom Trailer -...

Here's a pricey steel-hulled expedition boat, I like the drone shot but this boat is definitely out of my price range, LOL. That steel hull would be nice to have in higher latitudes where ice is a concern. Here's the boat:

48ft steel world expedition pilothouse cutter - boats - by owner -...

Hmm, what else? Oh, yeah, the classic outboards, check out these antique motors:

1928 Caille Outboard- restored - boats - by owner - marine sale

Evinrude-ELTO PAL-antique outboard - boats - by owner - marine sale

Damn, only $2K for the oldster... where's my checkbook? LOL... here's that Sunfish for sale, garage kept and not in bad shape, might get it for $500, maybe less if ya drive a hard bargain. Remember, "CASH IS KING!!!" ;)

Sunfish - boats - by owner - marine sale

Thus endeth the sermon... I reckon I'll go make one more burrito out of the last of the mix, it has been sitting in my fridge for a while. That batch lasted a long time too, but it was mighty tasty, LOL... CHEERS!!! :cool:
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Whoa, I took a little siesta after macking that burrito... funny thing, I was kinda dozing off and I got to thinking about those antique eggbeaters, LOL. If you're gonna have an eggbeater on the transom, it might as well be an antique eggbeater... like a conversation piece. Meh, I'm just taking it easy today, those state & county jobs close this week and I'm hoping to score one of 'em, as that would put me right back on track to take sailing vacations in San Diego. We'll see what happens... it'd be nice to get back to a normal routine after a long and unproductive summer. A hot summer too, but thankfully the heat has gone... :rolleyes:

My cats are solely responsible for keeping me sane this year, I wouldn't know what to do without 'em. Here are the knuckleheads in recent poses: Tiger with his head jammed against the sofa, little Phoenix covered with catnip after rolling in the pile, and Crackhead lounging atop the kitchen counter while taking a drink. I keep a bowl of water up there for the cats, in addition to the bowl on the table (and a third bowl outside), as the cats like to jump up on that counter and hang out. They like that window sill too, I widened it along with all the others so the cats could rest comfortably on 'em and watch the outside world. :cool:


Last shot shows another one of those classic vanity plates I saw in the WallyWorld parking lot this morning... dunno who makes these or where they're sold, but they're pretty funny, LOL. ;)

P.S. Somehow, those deck stripes in the Sunfish ad in the previous post remind me of the Coast Guard, LOL. That'd be kinda cool, having a white sail with a big ol' USCG logo on it, but I suppose they'd b!tch about it... impersonating an officer, or some such charge. :confused:
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Just watched "JOE KIDD" on the 65" curved screen, it is one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies, and here's why... not only was the Technicolor & Panavision totally dialed in by the time this flick was made, it also shows PRIMO VIEWS of the eastern escarpment of the Sierras, including Mt. Whitney, along with awesome shots of Whitney Portal and the Alabama Hills below, where so many Westerns were filmed. :)

Back in my "trucking daze" I spent a perfect weekend in and around Lone Pine, including truck camping in the Alabama Hills the first night, then ascending to Horseshoe Meadow at 10,000' elevation for the second night. Totally rigged with gourmet food & beer, plus I scrounged firewood in Lone Pine & environs, LOL, so I was a happy camper, aye? The second photo in this linked thread shows my Alabama Hills bivouac site... :D


Yes, that's a big ol' 10-ton Freightshaker Condo I'm using as an RV, and I burned company fuel throughout the adventure, as I always did... not quite the 'model employee' in that sense, LOL. But I digress... had a blast in the Alabama Hills, bouldering, shooting my bow at the 3-D target I kept in one sidebox, cranking my stereo, eating gourmet grinds and enjoying a campfire under the stars, 10-4? :rolleyes:

The following day, I visited the site where "GUNGA DIN" was filmed, then I drove up to Horseshoe Meadow and had a blast all over again, hiking & ultimately soloing a crag which can also be seen somewhere in that linked thread. Met some couple from Burbank who were camping in the treeline (walk-in campsites) that second night, so we wound up partying and grilling some food and enjoying another campfire (I contributed to the woodpile, as well as the food & party scene, LOL). :eek:

What does all of this have to do with SAILING, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya... as I pulled the uber-scenic grade up out of the Owens Valley, I rounded a bend in the road and encountered a sh!tload of hang gliders assembled at a launch point. I pulled the tractor over and parked at the first opportunity, then I walked back to talk to some of these guys (and gals) who were prepping for flight. Really cool people, any true small craft sailor would've gotten along just fine with 'em... ;)

You know my take on wingsuit flight, and hang gliding isn't that much different... I call it 3-D SAILING because that's what it is, although the glider pilots use thermals and whatnot which a traditional sailor would or could not employ. Anyway, these glider pilots were launching from a point around 9000' in elevation. The launch point was actually MUCH STEEPER than it appears in the photo (taken with a cheesy 35mm automatic camera). That canyon below was steep as f#%... :confused:

But here's the kicker: this one classic hand to whom I spoke for a while, he said he'd launch and stay up for HOURS, just cruising back & forth for MILES along the eastern escarpment of the Sierras. And the VIEWS were F#%NG INSANE!!! With Mt. Whitney towering in the distance, and nearer peaks towering above... not to mention the aerial panorama of the Alabama Hills and the Owens Valley. Man, I would've liked to go up, but I was already on a mission, ya know? :(

Get this: the experienced pilot told me that he had recently stayed aloft for SIX HOURS, just soaring & sailing along the eastern escarpment... how cool is THAT?!? Moi, I'd hafta take a cooler of beer up with me, same way I do while SAILING, LOL. Hey, this might be TMI, but this pilot had a special flap made in his flight suit so he could take a slash while in flight... p!ssing on the world below as he cruised along in a scenic wonderland, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :rolleyes:

Yeah, that was an eye-opener, I reckon this happened somewhere around the turn of the millennium, perhaps a year or two later... minor details get fuzzy over time. But that hang gliding club was SE-WIOUS, they drove for miles from distant locations to fly every weekend, as long as the weather forecast was good. Check out their transport rigs, kinda reminds y'all of CARTOPPING, doesn't it? LOL... same principle, really, and also utilizing wind power (plus thermals). :D

Anyway, I just wanted to share that info with you... I probably should've picked up the first two shots to photograph 'em, same way I did for the taller pics, but alas, I fell down on the job. Too busy grabbing another beer to do 'em over again, LOL. Here are the shots, you can find more in that linked thread, anybody interested in hang gliding can probably drive to that launch point and hook up with some of the pilots... it's on the only road leading up to Horseshoe Meadow. ;)


IMG_0578.JPG IMG_0579.JPG

P.S. Last two shots show my tractor parked in the shade at the Horseshoe Meadow lot, plus the trail leading to the primo granite crag seen in the linked thread... awesome weekend, that good time spent in Lone Pine & environs, just didn't get any better back in the day, LOL. Funny thing, that couple from Burbank told me they HATED living in Burbank, but that's where there jobs were, aye? Moi, ya couldn't pay me enough to live anywhere near L.A., Dago was bad enough, LOL. :confused:

Edit: That was one thing cool about trucking back in the day, ya met some really cool people if ya went about it the right way. Whenever I had time to burn away from home, I was looking for wilderness areas where I could f#% off and go camping. Well, boat rides too, and tall skyscrapers, and show caves, etc., etc., LOL. Man, those were some good times, but I'm not sure one could do it now with all the tracking devices and bull$h!t... PFFFFFFFT. :mad:

That pilot to whom I spoke, he and some of his friends or fellow club members just laughed when I told 'em I was f#%ng off in the 10-ton tractor and using it as an RV. Back then, as long as you made your pickups and deliveries on time, some companies didn't care... and the extra 300 miles or whatever on the odometer, well, ya just faded that into the paperwork, LOL. I passed Calculus in high school, so logbook falsification & basic arithmetic posed no problems, AYE? ;)

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn, I was SO NOT the MODEL EMPLOYEE... but I got the loads transported in a timely manner, LOL. In those days, the tracking devices weren't quite so sophisticated, and a driver could "defeat" them with aluminum foil, among other things. And if the company ever asked why you were "off the grid" for so long, ya merely said, "DAMN, I MUST HAVE BEEN PARKED UNDER A BRIDGE!!!" :cool:
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Damn, I didn't have enough time to catch that error... this timed posting business really sucks, LOL. Meh, you'll figure it out, just know that the mistake would've been corrected with enough TIME on the books, AYE??? :confused:

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More boats as seen on C/L... I'm in a holding pattern with regard to these state & county job openings, so I'm just checking out the boat ads, LOL. This first boat, the Island Packet, would make a great cruiser or liveaboard, I've been aboard one of these before and they are quite beamy, plenty of room below and on deck. Not racers, mind you, but very comfortable... this one is overpriced, but she has a lot going for her. :rolleyes:


Here's another go-fast boat, seems to be a whole heap of these on the market, the choice of cartel drug-runners nationwide (and down south), LOL. :confused:


These Corsair trimarans are always expensive, though I've seen 'em in action and they definitely perform... but the price, really? Sure, the folding amas are nice, and the bunks on that trailer are something else, but I'd never throw down that much money for one of these boats. :(


Here's a boat I'd be more likely to buy, Lancers are alright, they're solid enough, and the low price tag would draw me if I only had so much money... new kicker motor too, otherwise I imagine the cost would be less. :eek:


Now, this toy tug would make a great coastal fishing boat, total comfort for the kelp beds or the islands, LOL. You're burning fuel, but if ya have the money, meh, go ahead and burn it. Comfort is key with all that headroom, LOL. ;)


Last but not least on today's menu, we have a "Batman Boat"---check out the fins, they belong on an old Cadillac, LOL. This would actually be a pretty cool boat for pulling up at any of the bayside restaurants with docks in San Diego. "No worries, folks, Batman is here to save the day... now, where's my order?" :cool:


Okay, that's it for today, out of all those I'd be most likely to buy the Lancer, due solely to the low price... not bad for a 28' boat that's still in reasonable shape. Slap an instrument in that hole in the cabin bulkhead in the cockpit, that'd solve one problem, LOL. Meh, time for lunch, guess I'll read a book or watch a movie this afternoon. Cheers, youse nautical heroes!!! And "Hasta luego!!!" :D

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Got the call today about another gubmint job, this one gives preference to those with a CDL-A... so maybe this long drought will soon be over, and good riddance. If I'm hired, I'll be right back on that gravy train with all the good benefits, including the same retirement plan I was on earlier this year... WOOHOO!!! Oh, yeah, I'll get a pay raise too, but that's not as important as the retirement plan... :cool:

Funny thing, I thought they filled this position over a month ago, but evidently things are moving so slowly due to the 'plandemic' that they're just now getting around to filling the position, LOL. Meh, if I score the job, all I gotta do is dig myself out of a small hole made by borrowing money from my brothers to stay afloat, and they know I'll pay 'em back pronto, so "FUHGEDDABOUTIT!!!" ;)

I was really beginning to worry about taking in a stranger as a roommate to watch my home and cats while I went trucking, but maybe I won't have to think about that any longer. I don't really want some stranger in my home, and all of my (younger) relatives are happy where they are, though there will always be room for 'em here if necessary... anyway, I'm happy as a b@stard on Father's Day to hear this excellent news!!! CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

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Saw this little Hobie on C/L, wouldn't be bad for someone with kids who want to learn how to sail... price is reasonable, but it wouldn't be too comfortable for a full-sized adult. Not hiking out, anyway, but for kids it'd be cool. :cool:

Hobie One sailboat 9FT w/sail - boats - by owner - marine sale

On an entirely-unrelated note, during one high school year in Coronado, Fallbrook made history... some weed growers up there produced a crop of the best marijuana available in the county, LOL. Don't ask me how I know this... ;)

Reminds me of an episode up north in the Bay Area, when a small drug-running boat foundered or capsized... wrapped packages of marijuana washed ashore and the locals picked 'em up, only to dry out the soggy ones. Called the stuff "SEAWEED..." :rolleyes:
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Some new listings, I even included multiple Sunfish ads in case anybody in SoCal is interested... with these upcoming interviews, it seems likely that I'll be staying right here in AZ and simply buying a small sailboat later, but I still like looking at the boat ads. Here's an interesting "flush deck" design, a home build or custom build... most folks would want the extra headroom down below, but this doesn't look bad and the price is certainly right, LOL. :rolleyes:

Large live aboard, motivated seller ! - boats - by owner - marine sale

I always liked these tall-rigged Catalina 30s, they're not bad boats overall, though this one could be cleaned up a bit... especially that motor. :eek:

1978 Catalina 30' Atomic-4 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Price is steep on this little boat, which is reminiscent of a West Wight Potter, but I could've had some fun adventures with this boat in Baja... :)

2001 Montgomery 17 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Here's a Finn, the seller is using the 'plandemic' to hawk the boat, LOL... boat should be named 'Chicken Little' (or maybe 'Fauci Finn'). :confused:

SOCIAL DISTANCE - 1 MAN SAILBOAT - boats - by owner - marine sale

I'm tossing in this go-fast drug-runner just because the first photo is cool... AZ? Lake Mead, perhaps? Colorado River? Or Mexico? Hard to say... ;)

2006 lightning xs 23 feet 5.7 merCruiser with bravo 1 - boats - by...

Here's one of those Sunfish ads, when I first saw this I thought the seller meant $800 for both boats in the picture, LOL. :D

Sunfish sailboats - boats - by owner - marine sale

Last but not least, we have this Sunfish... seller says "no issues" but the photos say otherwise. Meh, beat the price down & use the money to make repairs... :(

Alcort Sunfish sailboat turnkey ready to sail! - boats - by owner -...

I may wind up buying a boat like this, though of course I'll lean toward the Laser if I can find one in good shape and for a decent price. Might even look for a Lido 14, it'd be kinda cool to begin & end my 'nautical career' aboard a Lido 14, which isn't a bad boat at all. Nothin' wrong with a Lido 14... well, I'm back to this bee-yoo-ti-ful fall weather here in Benson, it is the bomb! Might make a store run today, got that interview coming up later this week... Cheers!!! :cool:

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Another beautiful day in Cochise County... meant to post these craft yesterday, but I was too busy celebrating after my interview went well. Hopefully I'm back to work again pronto, either 1) driving a truck & operating equipment or 2) wrenching on gubmint fleet vehicles... I don't really care which, both positions offer the same excellent benefits & retirement program. But by a stroke of good fortune, the guy who runs all the maintenance shops sat in on the interview, so I got to put my oar in for both positions, so to speak. The mechanic job pays more, but it's also a little farther from my home, so that probably balances out, at this stage of my life the retirement plan is top priority, aye? :confused:

Anyway, I'm gonna get cleaned up and run some errands... gotta pay my electric bill, a whopping $57, LOL. I'm also gonna pick up some stuff at the store, and I think I'll splurge on a double burrito plate at the local taco stand, I haven't had one of those plates in months. They're pretty good too, I usually go with the shredded beef for the double plate. Just thinking about it is making me hungry, so I reckon I'll post these two boats if they're still up on C/L... ya never know with that tweakin' crackerhead C/L flake site, LOL. Hey, I think this fourth cat who has been hanging about was abandoned by some wanker, so he has been dropping by every day to mack... got him trained far enough to let him in so he can eat on the dining room table. The cats have their own end of the table, LOL. ;)


Lido 14 Classic #4466 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale



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Man, oh man, that double plate was good, but I had a hard time finishing it... I held off eating this morning so my stomach must have shrunk, LOL. That place has a good cook, no rancid cr@p, no heartburn, just delicious burritos with the right blend of green chili peppers, onions, seasoning, etc. Each double plate has about 15,000 calories and can feed an Ethiopian village for at least a month... I had a big ol' glass of horchata too, gotta have that stuff when eating at a Mexican restaurant, it is the bomb when served over a little ice. :rolleyes:

We're close enough to the border here to get authentic Mexican cooking too, the real deal... this area of the Southwest is known for its chili peppers, from Nogales clear over to Hatch, NM. Mighty tasty peppers, I cook with 'em all the time. I ate hours ago, but I'm still too full to drink any beer, LOL... I'm nursing a Diet Pepsi as I bang the keyboard. Hoping to hear about a job soon, maybe tomorrow... it'll be good to get back to work after so long, this was basically a wasted summer with all the b.s. going on, I'm really beginning to hate these election years. :mad:

When I was in Bisbee yesterday, I almost pulled over to take some shots of that town... a historic mining town in the Mule Mountains, one of the richest mineral sites in the world. Over many decades, mines in the area produced 2.8 million ounces of gold, 102 million ounces of silver, 8 billion pounds of copper, plus millions of pounds of lead, zinc & manganese. During the town's heyday, "Brewery Gulch" boasted nearly 50 saloons... that's quite a few drinking establishments, LOL. Today, Bisbee is still the county seat, even though towns like Douglas & Sierra Vista are much larger... lotsa history in that little Bisbee burg, it's a colorful place. ;)


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Guess that weather thread was shut down... we're having some crazy weather here, daytime high dropped 25 degrees, hard freeze in the 20s forecast for tonight. Windy too, I tried to light my gas furnace and there was too much wind howling down the stack, plus my BBQ lighter isn't quite long enough to reach the pilot light inside the furnace. Tomorrow I will buy some of those long furnace-lighting matches, or find a longer BBQ lighter, LOL. The furnace itself is a tank, quite reliable... a Coleman model from back in the day, U.S. made. Had some sprinkles earlier as well, the way things look there might be some snow on the mountains by tomorrow morning... :rolleyes:

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Ice in the birdbath this morning... we usually don't see these temps till December or January, makes me wonder if a cold winter is on the way? We had a long hot summer here, only makes sense to have an equally long cold winter. :confused:

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Alright, the gas furnace is operational, had to tape two of those long matches together to reach the pilot... there's also a hatch, reminiscent of an inspection port, but I didn't wanna remove or open that, one should be able to light the pilot through the open observation window. Meh, now I'm set for another night in the 20s, I'll just ramp the temp up to 70 or so before I crash, and turn off the heater as I hit the ol' rack. My friend in Coronado said it was cold there too, just some cold front or a dip in the jet stream, usually the birdbath doesn't freeze over till December or January. It wasn't frozen solid, that comes in late January and February, but it had a nice skin of ice this morning... enough to slide out in a disc and shatter on the ground. :confused:

Meh, problem solved, now I gotta do laundry and dishes... too cold in the house earlier, LOL. ;)

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Ice in the birdbath again, but it's toasty warm inside my home, LOL. Saw some interesting craft on C/L this morning while enjoying a cuppa hot cocoa... :)

Okay, first we have a houseboat which would make a sweet liveaboard, LOL. This craft on a mooring or dock in Dago would make a statement... :eek:

1993 Lakeview Houseboat 68ft x 15ft - boats - by owner - marine sale

Here's another craft which would make a good liveaboard, though she's rather ungainly in design. Westsail boats are better-looking but this boat has plenty of headroom below, always a plus for liveaboards... :rolleyes:

REDUCED: 35' Bluewater Cruiser or Liveaboard Sailboat (comp:...

Considering the shape she's in and all that goes with her, this Catalina 22 isn't a bad deal... minimal use (and abuse), indoor storage for much of her life, good solid construction, a trailer to go with her, etc. :D

Virtually new, 1976 Catalina 22 slope in excellent condition - boats...

Here's one for that hand asking about the value of a Laser, LOL... not sure this seller will get the asking price, but WTF, ya never know. :confused:

1993 Laser Sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale

Moi, I'd never pay that much for a used Laser, but I'm a cheap b@stard, I'd sooner throw down less on THIS boat, even if she needs a little work. Nothing wrong with a Santana 20, or her longer sisters... ;)

WD Schock Santana 20 race sailboat with trailer - boats - by owner -...

Trailer & all, not a bad deal for that Santana, but before I bought HER, I'd buy this bad@$$ Eichenlaub Soling... :cool:

Eichenlaub Soling + Trailer - boats - by owner - marine sale

Any boat turned out by Carl Eichenlaub will be a well-built boat, no doubt about it, this Soling just needs some work but she is a good deal at that price... :)

Last but not least, we have this little Hobie Holder which looks to have been stored properly (garaged) for her entire life... :D

Hobie cat Holder 1 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Well, that's it for this morning's boat parade, I like seeing what's for sale on C/L in Dago, even if I do stay here in Arizona... no word yet on a job, so the ultimate decision is still up in the air. Sometimes I feel like taking a long cruise in the South Pacific, but rehoming my cats would be difficult for me. Now, if money were no object and I had my choice of any of these boats listed above, I'd probably go with that houseboat just because I could party like a mofo aboard that craft, LOL. Otherwise, I'd bag the Soling, because an Eichenlaub boat is a piece of nautical history, straight up, and that price can't be beat, though you could probably knock it down a bit, LOL. Remember, kids, "CASH IS KING!!!" Not just Johnny Cash, but that green currency, LOL... ;)


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Crashed early last night, so now I'm awake and having a couple beers (and maybe a snack as well) before crashing again, LOL. Works every time, don'tcha know? Plus I figure I'm not gonna have any more interviews till next week at the earliest, so I might as well get my weekend started. Anyway, it's almost 0300, I'm sitting here at the dining room table with a cold beer at hand, and I'm checking the latest Dago C/L boat ads... :eek:

First, we have a cool Snipe for under a grand, you can always beat down the price with cash, LOL... :rolleyes:

Snipe Sailboat 1977 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Here's a brand-spanking-new Laser, I'm behind the times so I'm not familiar with the XD designation, I only include this ad because the stock file photo reminds me of Laser sailing back in the day... I might add that Laser prices have gone through the roof, LOL. :(

LASER XD (NEW) - boats - by owner - marine sale

For those to whom money is no object, well, there's your brand-new Laser! Now, we have a pricey but cool Beneteau designed by Bruce Farr, a well-known and respected naval architect. Looks to be in good shape, but the main reason I'm posting this ad is the ladder between cabin & deck... :D

Rare Beneteau First 42s7 Sailboat For Sale in San Diego. - boats -...

First time I've seen such a ladder with curved steps, but it only makes sense if the boat is heeling, LOL. For the same reason, check the aft cockpit bench (or helm seat) for this Hunter, designed so ya don't slide to leeward when the boat heels hard, aye? :confused:

1986 Hunter 34 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Last but not least, we have a Chris Craft Commander which would make a good liveaboard, nothing wrong with those old Chris Craft, though this one isn't THAT old with the fiberglass hull, LOL. Main reason I include this ad is for the excellent shots of the lift or hoist at Driscoll Boat Yard, LOL. ;)

Chris Craft 42' Commander 69 (all fiberglass) 2004 Cruesader 454s -...

You novices out there in cyberspace, THAT is how larger craft are hoisted out of the water for service & repair, AYE? No, you will NOT need such a lift for your Laser or Sunfish, BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn, that would be some SE-WIOUS OVERKILL, LOL. :eek:

Meh, time for this kid to post up and grab another beer... hmm, in the interest of science, it is now 0315, amazing how much time one can WASTE on the Interwebs, LOL. Y'all be good, I'm off to the fridge for another cold one, but I'll be lurking like a friggin' car thief in a Bel Air parking lot, LOL... :rolleyes:

Edit: Damn, that beer tastes good... "The Breakfast of Champions!!!" BTW, I'm editing this post to make an observation: the idiot aboard the Laser could go faster on that point of sail by raising the daggerboard. Must be one of those clubhouse racers, LOL... :cool:
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Some listings from this morning's C/L scan, ya don't see a Sailfish listed very often in Dago... :)

Sailboat, can also be used as a Paddleboard, Surfboard, Sailboat -...

Had an old Sunfish listed too... :confused:

Sunfish sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale

Here's a pricey but cool Hunter which I cannot afford, I only include the ad because I like the woodwork, LOL... :rolleyes:

1998 Hunter 410 - boats - by owner - marine sale

This Laguna is a bit of a tub, but for someone who wants a small(ish) cruising sailboat on a trailer, complete with outboard, well, I suppose the price isn't bad, and you could always knock it down a bit with cash... :D

26' Laguna sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale

Last but not least, we have some barges for sale, I'm thinking houseboat conversion or floating '80s-style disco, LOL... :eek:

100x35 Floating Barges for Sale - Offered by Ishkeesh Marine...

Well, time for a big ol' cholesterol feast this morning, I'm going with artery-hardening sausage & eggs & country gravy on melted cheddar cheese toast... health food, don'tcha know? ;)


Edit: I just noticed that the barges ad lists 'propulsion type' as "human"---BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, good luck with THAT... Mark Spitz & Michael Phelps swimming all-out in tandem couldn't BUDGE one of those barges. Human propulsion... SHEEEEEEEEEEE-IT!!! LOL. :rolleyes:
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Check it out, someone put a foil on a chair ski, LOL... it'd be more impressive on a La-Z-Boy Recliner!!! :eek:

Air chair to ride behind boats - boats - by owner - marine sale

Nice Bertram 60 Convertible, I always liked Convertibles, they have that James Bond 007 styling and they make sweet fishing boats if ya gots the money... :rolleyes:

1995 Bertram 60 Convertible Sportfish Twin V16 Detroit 92s - boats -...

Here's a sweet Etchells, these are really nice boats, and there are some hardcore San Diego sailors who have beaten DC in this class... :confused:

98 Etchells 22 - boats - by owner - marine sale

That Etchells is 22' LWL, 30' LOA, the ad title is misleading. Here's a Catalina 38 with tiller steering for the REALLY old school sailors, LOL... ;)

Sailboat Catalina 38 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Knock down the price a bit, not a bad deal... same goes for this Cal 33, nothing wrong with a Cal as a cruiser or liveaboard. :D

1989 CAL 33 SAILBOAT FOR SALE - boats - by owner - marine sale

Last but not least, an Alcort Sunfish... the MGD mainsail is a bit embarrassing, I reckon Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale would look better, LOL. :rolleyes:

Alcort Sunfish sailboat turnkey ready to sail! - $400 - boats - by...

Note the Lido 14 down the line of boats on the beach... I always note those because I learned to sail aboard Lidos, LOL. Well, guess I'll rustle up some breakfast, got an interview next week but I'm just lying low this weekend, enjoying this fall weather. HASTA LUEGO, NAUTICAL HEROES!!! :cool: