"Class" sail designation, what's it mean?

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I have three different sails with the pictured sailmakers patch. I know the one sail is a racing sail because I bought it that way. The other 2 came with boats and I assumed they are both recreational. OK, but why the "Class"designation on them? Anyone have the story? Thanks, Win ever.


someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that all (3) sails are class-approved, so all (3) sails can be used for class racing events. this is as opposed to the cheaper, non-class-legal sails that you can get from Intensity Sails, APS, and Neil Pryde.

the 3rd sail is probably a racing cut - same outside dimensions, but made with a deeper camber to give the sail more power for racing.

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Oh, OK, so they are legal to eace class sanctioned events even thought they may not be the racing cut. Learned something new, thanks. I did measure the and the racing sail is 2 and half inches longer on the spars. Thanks, Win ever.


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Those are all antique sails!
:)Treat them with all due respect :)

For quite a number of years, 'class approved' sails have been made in the North loft in Sri Lanka.