Class Legal Reef Points

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I'm getting ready to order new sails and I want a reef point or two in the main.
I noticed the Free C14 Handbook shows a 2'3" reef point . Are you allowed to reef more than 2' 3":D
during a race or not ? Is it even class legal to have more than one reef point ?

Thanks !
I have an old set of class rules and couldn't find anything specific about reef points other than the pages that showed dimensions where the 2'-3" was shown. That said, if I were getting new sails I might opt for two sets of reef points. One at 2'-3" and another higher up. The reason being that the 2'-3" might be good for two person crew but if you are single handing then having one at, say, 4' (just under the lowest batten) would probably work better.

As far as class rules go, the tendancy would be to reef a little as possible in a race anyway. If it is really windy, the PRO (principal race officer) should be able to give guidance on how much reefing would be allowed.

Just my 2 cents.

Bill W.
Mast Raising, Who knows the best way-easiest way

With more years on my back than i like to admit, i feel it important to learn the best, easiest way to stand my mast up. Also, my mast was stored on the trailer top end forward when purchased. Both shrouds were attached to the chain plates with the shrouds pulled back to the tie down strap and tied there with a piece of line. Looks good and is ready to raise the mast as soon as you untie each end. Here is where i run my mast forward and then lift up to set the foot in place. The forward shroud is then easily attached and snapped tight and locked. Any comments will be helpful to me and my crew/grand children. Thanks, Charley