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Christmas break Laser regattas

Hi all, I'm looking for a laser regatta to go to in Christmas break this winter, obviously somewhere down south! I live in NE Ohio and the regatta needs to be within a 12 hour drive. So just let me know if anyone has knowledge of such a regatta existing, so I can partially satiate my sailing fix this winter!:D


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There's the Orange Bowl regatta, but probably too far a drive. Not sure if there is an adult Laser class either.


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Good to know! I don't have a dry suit, but if conditions are good enough for the gear I have I will check it out. Thanks
The Potomac River Sailing Association (Potomac River Sailing Association | One Design Racing In The Nation's Capital Since 1935) has a (not so serious) Hangover regatta on Jan 1.
You will be more than welcome to join (no fee). Usually some twenty Lasers show up, although this will depend on the weather; ILCA legalities are not taken seriously.
Thanks for letting me know! what sort of air and water temps, and wind do you usually have at that time of year? I don't have a dry suit either.


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The current water temp of the Potomac River near Washington DC is around 43F and will go lower towards the end of the year.
Consequently, a dry suit is highly recommended for sailing on the river.

Global warming hasn't reached us yet, although there's enough political heat around here...


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Hey Admiral, Things don't have to be so official. You can always throw a dart on the map of America and find a lake that's a warm enough spot in the southeast or midwest/southernish area with a decent boat ramp or even club that will have a few Lasers. Make sure there are some reasonable Airbnb's in the area and put it out on the Forum . . . I am sure people will show. Probably even find those coming willing to borrow buoys from their club or even a starting ollie. The Orange Bowl (I am sure fun) seems like a ridiculous drive to the bottom of Florida and way too expensive lodging for me.