Chips in aluminum mast

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I have a mast with 4 dings or chips in the aluminum. They are 1/4” long and not very deep, but more than a scratch. I don’t want to weaken the integrity of the mast, and don’t know that these small chips would, but I’m looking for a fix that doesn’t involve a torch. Can I just fill these spots with a dab of epoxy?


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There is corrosion there so something that will stop the corrosion. Currently not a problem but they need to de filled. You might consider a dab of JBWeld, a metal thickened epoxy. Temperature resistant up to 600F, never know when that will come in handy...



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Definitely corrosion. :oops:

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I just sold two spars that had that kind of corrosion. The buyer discovered the corrosion, hidden by every ring, but was pleased to have them. Ex-Navy, he knew his metals, so corrosion can be overcome. He mentioned an "aluminum solder", which has a low melting point, and was easy to work with. (In the old days, I worked with difficult aluminum solders :confused: ).

I'd go one step further, and spray a gooey anti-corrosive inside the mast: I'll bet that right-hand spot has penetrated to the interior. :(


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Car wax works as well I've been told. But whatever you do, don't put it on your expensive car, just your crusty Sunfish :) Ours have their own Carriage House to bunk in while the cars sleep outside. Here's our 1950s Alcort Standard Sailfish WINNIE with 1953 Sunfish ZIP, keeping an eye on 1980 AMF VIPER. 1982 AMF PHOENIX got to bunk outside under a nice SLO cover.

Anyway, what was the topic? Oh corrosion. A good freshwater rinse or wipe is good for the spars, rudder and daggerboard as well as the hull. If corrosion is cranking up under the gooseneck, loosen it and put a piece of electrical or gaff tape underneath to break that dissimilar metal contact.

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