Chichester race

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The Sir Francis Chichester Memorial Race is a single-handed circumnavigation of Alameda in Lasers. In 1967 Chichester, on the yawl Gypsy Moth IV, completed the fastest single-handled circumnavigation to that time using the clipper route.

This Race around Alameda was first run in 1972, the year Chichester died. The course is around Alameda, in either direction. One of the challenges of the Chichester is passing underneath four bridges on the east and south sides of Alameda. Sailors have tried lifting their masts out. Others have tried sailing while heeled at extreme angles. The propulsion rules do get modified within 6 boatlengths of the bridges for the Chichester. Timing the current is key.

Here is a short video of last Sunday.



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Great video, thanks for posting. I was worried about the potential damage they faced to the mast. Having very little time on the bay, that big boat toward the end got me to sit up! Also was wondering if I could sneak under those bridges with my Sunfish...