Chemically bonded hull separation

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So my 14.2 recently had some side impact damage that warranted calling someone to come look at it, the guy-- that inspected it found that the entire foam core layer on the bottom is water logged, the previous owner had dome some less than steller repairs buy cutting the deck and adding hatches everywhere.

The recommended course of action was to separate the hull from the deck, removed the core, replace , and re glass the hatches that had been cut in. He said he would help me after i did that hard part and separate the two half's.

i removed the rub rail and drilled out 100+ rivets to discover that the two halves are glued together. i tried a blow torch and a putty knife with marginal success, took me 10 min to do 12 inches. I also have no way of separating the centerboard well glue from the deck joint as the torch wont work there.

Has anyone successfully separated the boat half's or should i look at cutting the benches out or something similar to that.