"Cheating?" ISAF wants YOUR feedback

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Stolen from today's Scuttlebutt:

Bryan Willis (GBR), Vice Chairman of the ISAF Review Board, Vice Chairman of the ISAF Racing Rules Committee, and member of the ISAF Race Officials Committee, has been asked by the ISAF Executive Committee to investigate whether there is a growing problem of cheating and bad behavior in the sport. In a message to all sailors, he says, "I would appreciate input from you. If requested, your responses will be kept confidential.

1. Have you had any experience in recent years of cheating or bad behaviour? If so please give me some examples, including the action that was taken (if any). In providing examples, you may choose not to identify the names of any individuals involved.

2. Do you think there is a problem generally that needs addressing? If so, what action do you think ISAF should take?

3. Have you had experience of International Juries (or protest committees) being reluctant to proceed with a rule 69 hearing, and if so, why?

I will use your response in compiling my report to the Executive Committee together with recommendations, next November. Many thanks for your help. Please reply by the end of February 2006 to cheating@isaf.co.uk