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Cheap beater 'Fish in San Diego...

Cactus Cowboy

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Not my ad(s), I was just scanning the classifieds on C/L... someone just starting out could probably pick up this hull and spars for cheap (considerably less than what the seller wants), then buy what else is needed to make the boat seaworthy. The estimate of future worth is... er... optimistic, lol. :rolleyes:

Beater 'Fish

Or you could buy this cool little scow, looks like heaps of fun for the coming summer... :)


Hey, look, the MX-Ray hand dissed Sunfish hard in this ad... "slow moving" Sunfish, lol. I'd like to try this boat, it looks nice & fast, but the money is not in my wallet or bank account at this time. :confused:


There were a few other small craft available, including more Sunfish at higher prices, but these ads were what stood out to me today... for the money, that little scow is hard to beat, a little elbow grease & expense in restoration & upgrades would pay off down the line. :cool:

Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
That scow is the closest looking thing I’ve seen to my latest mystery buy, but no forward cubby and it looks like this one has a forestay, mine does not. Today might finally be warm enough for a wash and wax and I’m hoping this dusty ‘ole boat will shine like a marble. Before and after pics to follow!


Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
InDBD226AA-76F4-4987-A59D-909283A25939.jpeg, Incredibly, the sail has no holes. The owner said mice couldn’t get to it, but they sure got close! I did a double-take before removing these 3 stowaways.

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Looks like someone was making a rodent zombie film, lol... maybe the varmints chewed toxic material. :confused:

That scow of yours DOES look similar, a web search for scows & scow images might turn up some answers and solve the mystery... :rolleyes:

I still kick myself for not buying an old wooden scow built by Carl Eichenlaub decades ago, the boat needed work but she would've been primo when finished... ;)

And the cachet of owning such a boat would be hard to imagine, especially in San Diego, where Eichenlaub made his mark... :cool:

The scow I nearly bought for a few hundred bucks was built of marine plywood over a wooden frame, would've been beautiful when restored & painted... :)

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So, I spent a little time looking at scow images on the web, didn't find any which resembled the scows above, but I stumbled across this beautiful little wooden scow, a Lark Scow according to this particular ad or file. Shots were too good to pass up, figured I'd share 'em with those site members into woodworking, lol... :cool:

Lark Scow

Scroll down to see the pics... there were also some very cool shots of E Scows, MC Scows, Melges Scows, etc., but they were too numerous to include here. I always liked scows, and oddly enough, in one entry the Lark Scow was referred to as "the Laser of the early 1900s!!!" Very popular back in the day, I reckon. :rolleyes:

P.S. I didn't know Buddy Melges and his family dabbled in scows... but it makes sense, since so many old school sailors tried their hand at 'em. Those other boats in the Melges line are nice, and there are quite a few of them in Dago, they are popular there. Didn't know Melges built scows... learn something new every day. ;)

Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
Thanks for scow-ering the internet for images, CC ;) I also saw the Lark, a beautiful boat. I’m thinking my boat is a Johnson J-Sailor or J-Scow, which later became the MC Scow, or a ‘clone’ of such. Johnson Boat Works was bought out by White Bear Boat Works in MN. Just for kicks I emailed them with some details and pics of my boat to see if anyone there has any thoughts.


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Yes, that wooden Lark is gorgeous to look at; I hope someone will fall in love with it and sail it properly.

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I always wanted to build a scow, Wavedancer, but never got around to it... too many other commitments. But I LIKE scows, they are heller cool, and maybe one day I'll buy one, depends upon how things pan out here in AZ. :rolleyes:

In years past, I was known for "showboating" by standing on deck while sailing my Laser & Minifish, casually sailing past crowded bayside restaurants in Dago, lol... seems like a scow would be the easiest craft to sail in this manner. Scraping spars on restaurant windows while sailing by, lol... :eek:

Technically, I had one foot in the cockpit and the other on the weather rail, but you catch my drift... blatant showboating to impress the friggin' tourists, lol. Reminds me of that old AC/DC line: "THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW!!!" ;)

BB, that "scow-ering" line was BAD, but I'll let ya slide this time around, lol... good advice in the other thread, that Sunfish wasn't really worth buying even though it COULD be fixed up (at great time and expense). Hopefully the guy finds another boat with less headache involved... or maybe money is no object, lol. :confused: