Charlotte NC area

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Would like to make contact with Capri 14.2 sailors in the Charlotte NC area. I live on the SC border due south of Monroe. I purchased and brought home an older Capri in early October and I know I will be waiting until Spring and warmer water before taking her out. I have many years of boating experience along with Marine amphibious training, however, I have never sailed before. I am learning as much as I can from reading and have finished two books on sailing basics, wind, weather, etc. I would like to communicate with another Capri owner in the Wylie, Norman, Tillery, or Baden lakes areas for tips, advice, and perhaps sailing in company for my first ventures out, again, in the Spring. Again, my vessel has a lot of years on her but she's in mint condition and ready to sail. If there are any Capri owners nearby and would like to help another get going with this, answer on this thread and we can swap other contact info then.

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Thank you for your note. I am sorry to have delayed a response. I only saw your message this morning as I was thinking that since the weather was getting so nice perhaps there are new threads coming up on this site. I still have some minor jobs to finish on my boat before getting it into the water, i.e. installing a new center gasket for the dagger board, getting a reinforcement in place for mounting my trolling motor, removing the old VA registration, and then getting the NC registration sticker and numbers on.
I will have to juggle my time for this and sailing also as I have a lot of jobs to take care of on my place such as repairs and painting on the barn, the same for my white fencing on the drive and around the house, and other assorted site clean up and maintainence chores that never quit. Honestly, I don't see myself really starting to enjoy the boat before June. However, if it will be OK I would like to get back to you for advice and instruction once I get started.
Thanks again.