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Changing from 4.7 to Standard


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I am new to lasers having tried one on my local lake. It was love at first site. I have seen a 2006 Laser 4.7 for sale locally and it looks in good condition and I like the price. I am 72kg / 158lb, and the winds on my lake are usually light, so I think a Standard is the rig for me. Am I correct in thinking that the only parts to change are the lower mast and sail?


Yes, you'll just need a new lower mast and sail. You will also need to re-rig the outhaul to make up for the longer foot on the standard sail.

At your weight, as soon as the breeze reaches 8+ knots you will find the standard rig a handful. 72kg is pretty close to the ideal weight for a Radial sail so maybe consider that as an option, unless your lake really does struggle to ever get above 5 knots or so.


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72 kg isn't much above the ideal weight for the Radial/ILCA 6 rig, but clearly below what's good for Standard/ILCA 7. I'd recommend the former, expected wind conditions notwithstanding.
For the Radial/ILCA 6, you don't even need to change the battens. As redstar said, you do need to shorten the outhaul, cutting either the primary or secondary line (or both) to length, or if there is an extension line at the clew of the 4.7 sail, just remove it. If you buy the boat, post pictures and we'll tell you what to do :D



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Thanks for the replies and offer of help - hopefully this boat is as good as it looks in the photos and I can buy it. The radial does sound a more suitable option.


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I am an old guy and a measly 150 lbs. I am reasonably comfortable (and competitive if I am racing) in a full rig up to ~12 mph breeze. Beyond that it's Radial time.
And above 25 mph it's swimming time...:eek: