Changing centerboard

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Hi All,

My new centerboard just shipped from Catalina and I'm going to change it out this week before our race on Sunday.

I know I've been told or read on this forum how to change it but I would like a refresher on how it comes out?

Do you remove the steel brackets on either side of the board and pull it up from the top?

I am not sure, but I think that I remember that the way you describe was described before. I remember thinking that this seemed like a better alternative then having to drop it out from below.

Yes remove the the screws holding the metal brackets on each side and pull it up out of the slot. I had to take mine out when I first got my boat to remove some leaves and junk that was trapped inside the slot.
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Catalina called and told me that it was shipping but it turned out to be a small bushing of some sort. I called and was told that the board would come in another couple of weeks. BTW Ed, I did get the same deal you all got for yours down in Mission Bay.

Is there a bushing that must be replaced when the board goes in or is this just a mistake?

Ed Jones

Secretary/Vice Commodore
Jack - It might be they're sending you a new bracket as well. But whatever it is, you won't need it as the old bracket will work just fine.
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Well, I just got the new centerboard in but it was another thin one identical to the loose board I have now.

Seeing the board out of the boat I can see that the previously mentioned bushing is fitted inside the fiberglass board where the pivot attaches and prevents wear. Very nice.

I took the board back to Catalina Yachts today in Woodland Hills and a guy named Kent there in engineering is working on getting me the right board but I believe they're having a problem with the correct measurement of the top of the "fat" board.

Anyone with that dimension from a Mod III?
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Well, it's been over a month now and still no new centerboard. I actually got a call from Frank Butler who told me that they're still working on it but that was two weeks ago.

The engineer over at Catalina told me the 1.125" board they sent me is the one they're supplying now but I seem to remember measuring Ed Jones' C/board around 1.187" and a bit more. That's a sixteenth of an inch I'd like to get.

Has anyone ever tried to make their own centerboard that would fit properly?
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Well, two months later and it's finally come in. I now have a new centerboard that is about an eighth of an inch .125" wider and it should be a snug fit. I might even have to sand just a little.

I'd rather have to custom fit it than have it come up short and still wobble around. Unfortunately we're leaving for a two week vacation so I won't be able to try it out until our next regatta in July!

I'll let everyone know how it works out.
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I'm back from South America and I got my new C/board installed yesterday. It went in with no adjusting and fits very close to the side walls of the centerboard trunk.

I took the boat out this afternoon in shifty conditions and while I was unable to sail next to another boat to compare I did notice something I've never been able to do and that is sail under power even after my jib started luffing!
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I still haven't had a chance to get out in a real race but last weekend I match raced with our club point leader and instead of getting wiped out like I usually do, I was able to keep up and beat him once.

I was happy with that and I believe I was pointing as well as he was when we both had clear wind and his boat is known for having a "sweet" set up for pointing.

Also, I received a nice letter from Frank Butler and he told me that he was happy to hear that the new board fixed my boat and also explained that for some time they were manufacturing the boats with a little "slop" in the c/board trunk so that people could wedge the board toward windward to make it point better. They no longer make the boats this way and I think that it would be illegal in a race to be even caught with a wedge for that purpose on board?

Ed Jones

Secretary/Vice Commodore

Jack - That letter from Frank Butler is really bizarre. If true, he never mentioned it to me during the lengthy conversation we had on the subject.

How strange...
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Yes, I've never heard of anyone wedging the board to point better either unless this is some forgotten knowledge out there?

He actually sent me two letters in response to my emails instead of writing back via the computer.

It would be nice if we could all have jibing centerboards like the lidos because we race against them on our lake and they seem to have a very slight advantage. If a Lido14 is right in front of you they seem to be able to "walk" a little sideways while pointing straight ahead! Before you know it, you're in their bad air and have to tack away. Very frustrating!! Not to mention that round bottom they have so it's very easy to let it heel and then straighten up while heading up a little.

Ed, If you talk to Frank B. again, ask him who was using their undersized c/boards with a wedge?
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Hi All,

I finally got a chance to do some informal Wednesday night racing with a couple of lido 14s and another Capri 14.2 and if I sailed in the same wind as those guys I was able to keep up.

One thing I noticed, since this was the first time sailing in light air with the new c/board, was that I was not able to point quite as well as the other Capri. This is the same guy I match raced a few weeks ago and was able to point the same in about 8-10 knots.

This past Wednesday we had more like 2-5 knots. One difference we noticed is that I've raised my traveller to 31" like the guys at Mission Bay showed us at the last clinic. My friend Randy still had his at 27". I'm wondering what is the best set up for light air vs 8-10 knots?