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Changes to this year's elections procedures and the future refinement of the by-laws


Mark Kastel

Dear District Secretaries,

In deference to the concerns expressed by about 30% of you, the Executive
Committee has made the following changes to this year's elections procedures
and the future refinement of the by-laws, if they are adopted.

1. This year's votes will be by secret ballot. Two of our longtime
members will count the votes and report back to the District Secretaries
before the results are posted on the web site. Dick Tillman, who had
already agreed to be the election observer, will now count the votes along
with John Christensen.

Dick, a long time Laser Class member, has also been an officer of the J24
and Snipe class. He is currently international president of the Sunfish
class and lives in Florida. Jon Christensen, an engineer by trade,
developed the J.C. strap when he was racing a Finn and it has since become
omnipresent on many other one-design boats. He has also done design and
development work for Harkin and is one of the patent holders of the Harkin
and Holt Allen Laser vangs and the new Harken fairleads used on the
Cunningham/outhaul. He resides in Milwaukee but spends summers in District
been 19 (Michigan) where he is still winning races at regattas at the age of
82! The Executive Committee wishes to thank both of these dedicated members
for their willingness to fulfill this important role.

2. Because some of the District Secretaries would obviously like to
engage in a debate about permanently changing the format for our election
process, and the fact that time does not allow for that now, a vote for the
by-laws will now include a qualifier that; voting will take place in 2004 to
approve any amendments, put forward by the District Secretaries, before the
next election of officers takes place. This accelerates the provision that
is already in the by-laws for making changes. In each subsequent year,
ratification of by-law amendments would have taken place at the same time as
the election of officers.

I will send out ballots, as planned late Friday or Saturday. Dick Tillman's
and John Christensen's e-mail addresses will be included on the distribution
list and in the body of the message. You will forward your vote to both of
these individuals for tabulation.

Once again, if you have any questions about the upcoming election
procedures, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Kastel

International Laser Class Association

North American Secretary

Mark A. Kastel

M.A.Kastel and Associates, Inc.

P.O. Box 2

La Farge, Wisconsin 54639

608-625-2042 voice

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