Centerboard well flaps, leaks

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The centerboard well flaps on my 1983 Omega 14 had gone to wrack & ruin, they were all torn and the strips holding them in place were cracked and missing pieces. I removed all this mess yesterday. Since I had noticed the boat leaked a fair amount when left floating I decided to try to find where the leaks were. I injected water into the hull through the aft drain hole, plugged it up and then looked for leaks. I found them quickly, water was coming out of the holes for the screws that held the flaps on. I checked the cb trunk to hull joint but could find no leaks there. When I replace the strips I will put 3M 5200 sealant into the hole to hopefully stop the leaks. As to the flaps, the kit from Catalina is $40 or so so I am trying something cheaper. Bought a section of vinyl wall base for $3.14 and cut it into 1 - 5/16" wide strips. It is thicker than the original flaps but is very flexible. We will see how it goes. More later.
That's similar to my experience. I also replaced those gaskets and discovered that the screw holes penetrate completely through the hull, and will leak if not sealed. I have not had any leaks since reinstalling the screws. As an alternative for the official gasket, I used some thick flexible clear plastic from the hardware store. It worked well last season. Good luck with yours.
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Thanks for the info. I installed my strips today, they are not the neatest but should work. I spent the morning on my back under the boat installing them. Will let the 3M 5200 set before I leak test again. Attached is a picture of the wall base cut into strips. The piece I bought was only 4' long so I had to piece it. Also see the flaps as installed. P1010413.JPG P1010414.JPG
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Tested the hull for leaks around the centerboard well. Ran water into the hull though the hull drain then put in the plug and waited. There appeared to be no leakage. If there is leakage into the hull the next time I go sailing I'll have to check the CB well to deck joint.
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Finally got to test out my centerboard well flaps. Haven't been out for a while, weather has either been too hot or threatening rain. Great day yesterday, low 80's with an east wind about 10. Sailed out of Back Creek Park in Dandy VA. Full flaps kept the water quiet in the cb well. Did have a problem raising the board. May need to trim the flaps. When I got the boat back home I checked for hull leakage. There was a small amount, certainly less than I used to get.