Centerboard trunk sealant

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I strongly suspect that i have a leak at me centerboard trunk seam. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get where the sealant is. In order to do it right, i feel like i need to grind out the old hardened sealant and replace it with new. Has anyone ever attempted this? Im having trouble figuring out how to get in there to do the work. Maybe im misguided about my leak, but i see no other place i could be taking on several gallons in a few days. My drain plug is new and in good condition.
Leak Look

Wonder if you might find the leak or maybe eliminate some suspects by filling bilge with water while its on the trailer, then look for dripping or seeping leaks coming out of the bilge? RK
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I did a leak test today. I did not fill the inside, but rather used a shop vac to pressurize the inside and used soapy water to look for leaks. Most of my deck fittings, motor mount bracket and rudder brackets all leaked. It was harder to check the centerboard trunk seal, but it didn't look like it was leaking. I'm wondering if all these little leaks are adding up to a significant leak.