Centerboard stop question

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I'm taking the hardware off my centerboard and rudder for some badly needed painting and I can't figure out how to take the centerboard stop apart. The drawing on the APS site makes it look like the two ends just screw onto a center stud - but I'm afraid to twist too hard and break the ends...

How does the stop go together?

Another question - the tip of the trailing edge is bent to the side a bit and the last 1/4" or so of it is broken off. I figure I can replace the missing bit with some epoxy and fairing filler - but should I try to unbend or shave off the bit of edge that is tweaked to the side?
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I've been looking at other centerboard threads.... it looks like these are made of some kind of plastic?!?

So does that mean I can hit it with a heat gun and warp it back to straight?
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Ah... found some good info (there's a lot to search for between calling the thing a centerboard, a daggerboard, or just a blade - plus describing the damage as bent or warped etc.)

Some stuff on Gouv's page here:
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Well between the $10 heat gun from Harbor Freight and a bit of West System with 407 filler (to replace the broken-off tip), my centerboard looks brand new... Or it will when I've finished painting it!