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Centerboard Stop Question

Captain Glen

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New owner, my centerboard does not have a stop or a hole for one, instead it has protrusions on either side of the board right below the lifting block hole, is this a different style they used in 1993? Additionally there’s a black fitting with a hole in the middle that appears to once upon a time held a line or shock cord to hold the hiking straps off the floor. How do you install a new line since you can’t reach the back of it?



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I can't answer your first question because I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about, but I can answer the second one.

You have to remove the cuddy box to access the inside of the cockpit wall. That's the only way to replace the bungie that holds the hiking straps up.
That bungie is the only piece of rigging I haven't replaced on my '92, because it's a PITA to get at it.

Your center board looks like mine.