Centerboard seal

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Has anyone replaced thier centerboard seal? Where do I find the part or suitable replacement? Thanks in advance.
Omega 14
Contact Catalina and order one from them. Make sure you ask them to provide screws as well. I think it was $35 + shipping.
re centerboard seal

I have an Omega 14 that had a deteriorated/leaky centerboard gasket,too. Igot a piece of rubber cove moulding and some ss screws at the big box home supply store. Removed old cut new piece to fit and bedded with silicone. Screwed down bracket and slit down middle of moulding with utility knife. No more flooding, seems to work just fine. $6 vs $35. I did recently order two new jib cars from Catalina; prompt service and only $45 for both.
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Thanks again

This is a great forum to get info on our Omegas. I hope I can help someone else further on down the road when I get some more experience. I finally got good enough to sail her out of the bay, through the channel, and into the open water before she took on water in the hull and was floundering but not sinking. I currently took cannot find a source of the flooding but may use some low pressure air through the drain plug and find out how the water got in there. Any hints on where to look for weak spots? Thanks again for all the responses.
silicone sealant

Using cove moulding is brilliant!
I have the same problem of deteriorated c.b. gaskets.
Beware when using silicone sealant...1. it doesn't stick to anything and 2. when the part is removed it leaves a coating that nothing will stick to! You may take it I hate the stuff for marine use. It may be better to use a marine sealant/adhesive which is easier to remove and reapply and which sticks properly.
In either case let the stuff partly cure with screws lightly in place before screwing it tight.
Center board gasket replacement

It is mentioned elsewhere on this forum but it bears repeating. The plastic hold down strips that come with the Catalina gasket are not predrilled for every model. Keep the old strips as it is nearly impossible to use the new strips on an older model. The hole placement is different.