Centerboard - problem keeping it down !

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I sailed my Capri 14.2 for the first time on Saturday and had a big problem keeping my centerboard down. The bungee cord that is attached doesn't seem to have much tension in it. I tried tying a knot in it to take up some of the slack but it didn't do much good. The water near the shores of the Chesapeake Bay are shallow so I need to have it be able to come up when necessary. Is there any down side to increasing the strength of the bungee cord or are there any other tricks I should know about ?
The bungi is probably just weak. Replace it with a stronger one. Just dont make it so strong you can't pull it up with the line when you need to.
I don't know the exact amount of tension, but my bungee takes a lot of strength to hook it up to the eye in the stern. If it is easy to hook up, it is not strong enough.
My boat is old enough that not only is the bungee weak, the clips on both ends have come off. Just as well. I tied one end to the centerboard with a bowline, ran the bungee around the barney post just beneath the swivel, and then tied it back on itself with a rolling hitch. That way I can adjust the tension. Also, it gets the bungee out of the way of the rear of the cockpit, and frees up the padeye for a stern line that I use for docking.