Centerboard hard to lower & raise

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In our 1985 model , the board is really hard to lower if there is any lateral pressure at all. Pretty much need to be heading directly upwind to lower it. About as hard to raise it. This makes adjusting while underway almost impossible. Am I looking at a spring job of removing it and adjusting something??
I just removed the centerboard on my Mod 1 last week and it was remarkably easy. Just remove the four stainless screws in the stainless plate just forward of the barney post and the entire board will come out without having to remove the barney post. Then you can inspect the centerboard to see which parts are binding. Any parts that need to be replaced are available at Catalina Direct.
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Yes, bungee is in place. Even with both lines uncleated it is quite a chore to move the board. Using a foot on the board to get it to start moving helps!
Centerboard replaced with an improper width?

Quote from Catalina Direct webpage describing the Centerboard shackle set @

"The 14.2 and 15 have used two different centerboards over the years. One was about 3/4" thick at its widest point, the other was about 1-1/4" thick."

Could it be possible that your centerboard was replaced by a previous owner with the larger centerboard and the centerboard well is too small thereby "pinching the centerboard as it is lowered?
on my mod 1 has a line with a cam cleat going down both sides of boat at the point where the seat meets bottom. I presently have it covered in my back yard, but I will try to get the ice and snow off the cover and take a picture of it for you.

I have no problems with my center board going up or down. If I forget to attached the bungee, I find it will flip up on me when I really don't want it do, like when the bottom decides it needs a little sun.

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I also have a line on each side of the centerboard that runs back along the base of the bench seat on each side. Same mechanical advantage as in Chemprof's drawing, but two people can pull the board up, on grabbing each line.
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I took the centerboard out and found a lot of really gummy stuff (old grease??) in the hinge area. Cleaned it out with WD40 and put some lithium grease in its place. Should there be any grease in this hinge? Should it be totally clean of grease?