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I am thinking about building a centerboard dolly for my 69' sunfish but have a concern that it could cause dammage to the centerboard trunk causeing leaks. Is this a real problem with centerboard dollys?

This is the slickest most simple homebuilt dolly I’ve come across. No damage to the daggerboard trunk. PVC pipe padded with swim noodles carried on beach wheels. Position it at the boat’s center for easy trucking. Strap it on with canoe straps for a long or bumpy haul. Slip it under the stern strapless for a short move. What I like most is you don’t have to lift or tip the boat nearly as far as the daggerboard suppository ones require.


It should probably be noted that you can find the plans for the above dolly on the Yahoo sunfish forum site under "files". I just built one last week and like it a lot. BTW, there are wooden dowels in the noodle-coated pvc pipes to help bear the weight of the hull.
Bumped up an old thread. I may have to eat my words about pvc dollies and build this one.

Noob question: I know what/where the centerboard trunk is, but what's a centerboard dolly?


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Google "Sunfish centerboard dolly" on should come up. It looks like the above but has a small simulated daggerboard that fits into the well to give the boat stability while rolling.

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Try the yahoo site again Yahoo Sunfish_Sailor. You need a yahoo account and need to be signed in to see the files. I own the Yahoo group so let me know if you need any help. Lots of fun photos in the archives, dating back to 2001 when Wayne (sail231) started it....jeez, that's coming up on 20 years.

While we're on the topic it is a daggerboard, not centerboard. A centerboard is an adjustable keel that pivots. A daggerboard is a keel that slides vertically. A daggerboard dolly is a 2 wheeled dolly that has a vertical stub that fits into the daggerboard trunk. They are handy when used correctly, avoid any movement or design that puts undue strain on the trunk, the weight of the boat should be on supports under the cockpit and not the trunk itself. The Seitech and Dynamic dollies break down into 5 parts that fit in most trunks, have a wider, more stable footprint.

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