Centerboard bungee length

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My "new" 14.2 mod 3 has a stretched bungee that is now 65" tip of bungee loop to loop. I've seen folks here buy the 48" bungee cord from Lowes. My question is what is the stock Catalina part length? Also, mine is 3/8" in a place that hasn't stretched; is that correct?

thanks as always -- you are a treasure of info!
The handbook linked at the top of this page has most of the lengths and recommended diameters. It is a great read as well. In this case, 48 inches of 1/4 inch shock cord is the recommendation. Happy sailing and welcome to the group.
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Thanks rayhas. I had forgotten that page included the centerboard bungee too; however, my copy (page 18) lists the diameter as 3/8". Thanks again!

BTW, after a few minutes I stumbled on a good way to get the old stainless steel clips off the used bungee -- clamp the bungee in a good vise and cut the bungee very close to each clip (there are two per end) -- the clip then easily slides off.

Then to spread the clip so you can use it with your new bungee, hold it in a vise (if you don't, there will be blood!) and use a flat blade screw driver to expand the clip.

You can put it on the new bungee end using the same vise -- just clamp it away from the opening, put the folded bungee strands through, the cinch them with pliers or a hammer and punch. Just don't try to hold the clip manually -- that stainless steel has a very high tensile strength!

I was even able to reuse the old plastic coverings.
The manual I have specifies 48" by 3/8" also. It sure seems stiff, though. It is a struggle to get that board back up as we approach the rocks on our beach! Maybe the pivot mechanism is at fault???? Should I take it apart and inspect and clean it? I have a 1987 (mod 1).

I looked at shockcord at the marina, but decided to give the Lowes option a try first. It's been working great for me so far. I've been disconnecting the bungee while the boat is on the trailer to help preserve the cord.

Also, if anyone has a chance to do a search, there is a thread where the capri owner relocated the centerboard controls from their stock position to the inside of the barney post and runs the control line Aft. I've purchased the cleat and guide to do this, but have not tested it on the water. Another thing that will have to wait until next season. Dry runs on the trailer seem to indicate this will work out well and takes the responsibility off of my reluctant crew.
Hi jcorliss78,

Where did you find this information for the guide? I would like to take a look an alternate method.


I moved my centerboard cam cleat to the barney post and re-rigged the line to the Centerboard for extra purchase . I never liked the cam cleats mounted up high and the extra purchase helps when raising it. I will post some pics if anyone is interested.

Here are some pics of what I did with my centerboard system -

Control line is tied off while trailering to prevent blade damage if the line becomes uncleated

Aluminum support plate fits into the larger hole to support cam cleat , I'm going to CNC a better looking one over winter.

Since I only use one control line I brought the line back to the centerboard to add some extra purchase . The stock control line is way too thick and I will replace it with smaller diameter line . My bungee has a eyelet and attaches to the shackle on the centerboard. I use a snap shackle at the transom and unhook it whenever I am not sailing.


C14.2 #1174
Cam-Cleat w/ Fairlead guide

I used a fairlead guide to prevent the rope from easily displacing. Also, mounted on the inside of the barney post so it projects into the cockpit less (only the nuts and boltpost show)