Centerboard bracket

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Help. My centerboard bracket has come off. the prior owner had reconnected the bracket using butterbly type anchors and they have pulled out. Has anyone out there had to reposition the bracket? What type of anchor did you use and did you fill the old holes with fiberglass or something?

I just recently purchased this Capri 14 I don't know what year it is but tthere is a serial number of 1671 in case that tells anyone the age. The boat appears to be in decent shape. I have reglassed the wood centerboard and rudder. I would appreciate any help on this. I need to get it fixed before I can try sailing it. i also had trouble hoisting the main sail all the way to the tob. Is there a method of lubricating the channel or the bolt rope? David T
When I first took my boat out, I believe I had the same problem. I would not recommend lubrication. I would bet your problem has to do with the boom vang. Make sure to loosen it before you hoist the sail.