centerboard and rudder finish

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I was wondering if anyone has refinished their rudder and centerboard? Mine has bare spots on the bottom edges. Should I be concerned about this, or should I just sail it. Is this a gel-coat finish?
Hi Chuzy2,

I hope you get an answer soon. I just pulled both the rudder and centerboard and started to sand them. They both need a recoat and I am trying to decide between gel coat and paint. I am just about finished re-gelcoating the entire boat and the sanding has taken months. Both rudder and CB on mine are gel coat and are severely worn.

I am leaning towards paint. Lowes sells Rustoleum Marine paint and I used it to re-stripe the boat with better than expected results and only a light sanding with 400, 500, 1000, 1500, rubbing compound and then 3M finessIT and then wax and they look great. The gel coat on the rest of the boat took months of sanding with heavier paper until I got to the 400 etc.

Any thoughts would be appreciated asI expect to be ready to paint or gel this weekend.