center bord shock cord

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i have been try for the last few weeks to get the shock cord onthe center bord to det right . Is there any way that i can do it realy ouick onshore?

post your thorts:)

Not trying to pick on your spelling, but doubt too many people are going to understand what you are asking. I sure don't
I think the answer is to have a clip system to attach it to the bow eye, and then leading it around the bow from port to starboard will accomplish the goal of keeping it to the right of the mast.
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sorry about spelling i was in a hurry wot i said is :

for the last few weeks i have been trying to get the shock cord on the center board to set right so it dose not slip down when going down wind . can anyone help me .
sorry about spellings lol
I now think I understand what you want to know. I think it is a matter of tension. You need to use a movable stop knot so the tension can be changed under way, or easily on shore. You just need to experiment to see what works best. There is probably no perfect tension that will work in all conditions so there will be times when you will have to simply pull the board up to where you want it. Try to get enough tension that it will hold it there most of the time. Too much tension will result in the board bouncing up while going upwind, which is harder to manually correct while hiking.
I thought that was supposed to be done by the rubber brake at the rear of the centreboard slot. It can be adjusted to push the pincers closer together.



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A bit more tension in the elastic should do the trick... that's what I found, yeah. But also check the rubber brake at the rear of the box, as Russell suggested too.
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